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Employer: Granite ASAP

Position Title: Quality Control Manager

Job Location: Granite ASAP, 2800 Dorr Ave. Suite G, Fairfax, VA 22031

Position Duties & Requirements:

Position Duties and Requirements: Perform detailed inspections/testing on natural/engineered stone/tile to verify the origin through its mineral composition and the specifications on the igneous rock formations for its stone and color to ensure correct labeling. Examine impurities and color of natural/engineered stone for a specific job, assessing technological parameters such as endurance or polish rate; tolerance for accuracy due to limits of machine accuracy, mechanic’s precision capability and inaccuracy of measurement instrument; inspecting aesthetic appearances; evaluating visual uniformity of surface; examining chips and cracks; testing for stone hardness, strength and resistivity power against water and temperature changes and determining varying degrees of porosity. Determine strength of the natural/engineered stone/tile through veins, cracks and fissures. Outline a detailed map of fracture extension on marble slabs to detect internal fractures and other defects (voids, clay inclusions, etc.) Examine surface-related properties such as Abrasion Resistance (Hardness) and Absorption by Weight (%), for water-sensitive installations. Assess physical properties from the technical specifications values, such as Flexural strength (psi), Compression Strength (psi) and Density (lbs/ft2), for appropriate installation applications. Use measures such as goniometry, photometry, flatness, thickness, and mending to analyze end product for appropriate installations. For stone/tile with weak physical properties, conduct extra chemical treatments. Assign to each slab/piece a quality score. Instruct staff in quality control and analytical procedures. Provide detailed installation guidelines/quality control plan to meet industry standards and building codes. Produce reports including standard operating procedures and quality assurance manuals. Confer with marketing/sales departments to define client requirements and expectations. Guide/advise management in purchasing decisions. F/T position. Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering or related field. Must have knowledge of the theory and methods to assess the quality of natural stones and tiles.

How to Apply:

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