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Fairfax Granite and Quartz Countertops

In what ways can you update your home to be more beautiful and functional? Countertops meet both critieria by adding flair to your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, when made with the right materials, it can improve the functionality of these spaces.

For instance, stone counters can make prepping and cleaning simpler. And at the same time, providing your space with attractive allure.

One customer in Fairfax, Virginia was looking to have her home updated with beautiful granite and quartz countertops. But finding a reliable contractor to provide the slabs and perform the installations proved to be difficult.

Eventually, she stumbled across Granite ASAP and was able to achieve her home remodeling goals.

What We Did in Fairfax

The goal of Granite ASAP is to help homeowners with updating their homes with beautiful kitchen countertops. In doing so, they are improving their quality of life, as well as increasing their property value.

In the event that they would one day one to sell their home, they could advertise the quality countertops in their kitchen and bathrooms.

As a contractor, we commit to helping Fairfax customers update their homes for business and personal reasons. Improving the interior of a property plays a role in maintaining the quality of communities throughout the city.

Kitchen Countertops Fairfax

Upgrading the countertops in your kitchen can be beneficial in several ways. The type of material you opt for will determine how it will help improve your kitchen experience. For instance, upgrading from a vinyl counter to one made with granite.

This would make your counters more durable, easier to maintain and longer-lasting. Folks who have cheap-grade materials as counters deal with all sorts of problems, such as scratches, cracks, stains and fading.

With natural and engineered stones, you won’t have to deal with these issues. You can choose between granite, marble and quartz to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Fairfax

Don’t overlook the countertops in your bathrooms. If you currently have an inferior material, then you’ll have problems with the surface being stained and ruined by cosmetics and cleaners.

This is why a lot of homeowners choose to have their bathroom vanity tops updated with stones, like granite, quartz and marble. These are excellent choices for the bathroom because they are able to withstand the various elements here.
This includes the water, heat from appliances and stains from cosmetics. The look of natural stones can also turn your bathroom into a beautiful oasis. Why not give your guests something to marvel over during their stay?

Granite Countertops Fairfax

When you begin looking at the differences between the various stones, you’ll wonder which of them would best suit your home. You may develop preferences for what type of stone you’d want in your kitchen compared to your bathroom.

But when it comes to granite, you can witness all sorts of great benefits, whether you put it in your bathroom or kitchen. One benefit worth noting is its durability. It can withstand scratches from knives and can even dull them, so watch out.

Since it’s nonporous, it is non-bacterial and not prone to staining. This is good news if you’re looking to buy a countertop for your kitchen. This also makes it easier to keep clean.

The design of granite is attractive, which also convinces people to purchase it for their homes.

Marble Countertops Fairfax

While marble requires more maintenance than granite, it’s still a popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. Chefs commonly place marble in their kitchen because it is resistant to heat. This is important if you like to bake and sit hot pots on the counters.

Granite is harder than marble, so marble is easier to shape and cut. This means, you can have fancier edges and designs created for your counters. If you want to make your marble countertop more unique, this is possible.

The array of colors natural stones have make them even more desirable. You can purchase marble in an array of colors, which makes it even more versatile.

Quartz Countertops Fairfax

Quartz counters you’ll find today are engineered with resins and pigments. The resin makes it more durable than the natural stones, such as marble and granite. This is one of the reasons homeowners are attracted to this option.

The appearance of quartz is that of natural stone, so you’re still getting the great look marble, granite and other stones offer. The difference with quartz is that it is much tougher and doesn’t require sealing like its natural counterparts.

The imperfections you may find with natural stones are also nonexistent with engineered quartz slabs.

Customer Says

When I found Granite ASAP’s website online, I was thrilled. I planned to go to their showroom that weekend to look at their stone slabs firsthand. When I got there, I was greeted by courteous personnel who helped me with my decision. They answered all of my questions.

Once I chose the slabs I wanted, they scheduled for an expert to come to my property to take measurements and provide an estimate. I was also given a 3D digital model to view before committing.

The outcome of the countertops in my kitchen and bathroom were even better. I am pleased to have hired this company and will definitely refer them to others.

About Fairfax

Fairfax is an independent city located in the commonwealth of Virginia. Some look at it as an enclave with beautiful communities and fun attractions.

It’s also the home to the battle of the Civil War known as the Battle of Fairfax Court House. This court house still stands today, acting as one of the oldest buildings in the city. Fairfax wasn’t officially incorporated until 1961.

Need a Quartz and Granite Countertops Company in Fairfax

Ready to begin planning your countertop installations? Then you need to contact the professionals at Granite ASAP. All of our contractors are licensed, bonded and insured with decades of experience under our belts.

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