5 Rules for Selecting Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bath

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5 Rules for Selecting Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bath

Your kitchen looks good, but it doesn’t look amazing – what can you do about that? Well, you can start with your countertops. After all, this is one of the first things people see when they enter your kitchen. So, you want to ensure that what they see is a great representation of your style.

The same goes for your bathroom – you want to deck out this space with beautiful countertops that are a sight to be held.

One way to ensure this is to choose beautiful granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. But before you go out and start shopping around for granite countertops, it’s important to consider certain factors.

In the following guide, we’ll cover the five rules you must follow when choosing new granite counters. Let’s review.

Rule 1: Note that It’s Durable, But Not Indestructible

Granite countertops in a bathroom

Yes, many take pride in owning granite countertops because of the resilience it’s known for. However, the surface isn’t as resilient as you may think.

While it is one of the toughest surfaces on the block and can resist stains and scratches, it’s still a porous object. And because of this, it’s still prone to damage, especially if you don’t properly seal it.

On that note, it’s advised that you have your granite countertops professionally sealed regularly to maintain its durability and extend its lifespan.

When it comes to heat and water, granite is on the same level as vitreous tile.

Rule 2: Expect for Dramatic Variations in Appearance

Granite countertops in a kitchen that’s close

Because granite is a natural stone, you have expected that no two slabs will look the same. And since you will need multiple slabs for a kitchen setting, your granite countertops will vary in look.

The veins and colors will vary greatly. Some slabs will have speckles, while another may be mottled. Of course, manufacturers do try to box together consistent-looking slabs, but this isn’t always a guarantee.

However, you don’t have to look at this as a bad thing. It’s the beauty of going au natural. You get slabs that are all your own – no one else will have slabs that look exactly like yours.

If having an inconsistent design bothers you, then you can always opt for engineered quartz. On the other hand, a lot of people like natural stone countertops because of the unpredictable beauty they offer.

Rule 3: Pay Attention to the Strength Ratings of Granite Countertops

It’s more common for engineered ceramic tiles to receive strength ratings compared to natural stone slabs. However, granite does have varying strengths.

You’ll see that a lot of the granite tiles you find today are much thicker than that of ceramic tiles. In most cases, it’s 3/8 inc thick or thicker.

Rule 4: Keep Your Grout Lines Thin

Unlike with ceramic, where thick grout lines are preferable, you want the opposite for granite. In fact, the thinner the grout, the better. For ceramic tile, the grout is a part of the design. So, the thickness improves the look.

But with natural stone countertops, you want to emphasize the beauty of the material. So, stick with grout that’s no thicker than 1/8 inch. If you hire a contractor to do the countertops for you, then you won’t have to worry about this.

At Granite ASAP, we always make sure to install natural stone countertops so that they look like one cohesive slab.

Rule 5: Install Smaller Slabs to Save Money

Now, there’s the option of installing your countertops using stone slabs or tile. You may be able to save money by going with 12-inch granite tiles versus one big single slab.

However, this isn’t always the case. If you check around for prices, you may find the opposite to be true. But consider the option. Folks who plan to do their own installation typically go the tile route.

But if you hire a professional contractor, then you won’t have to worry about any of this, since they will fabricate and install stone slabs for you seamlessly and at the best possible price.

Finding a Granite Supplier for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

The next step to getting granite countertops into your home is to find a reputable supplier. At Granite ASAP, we have a reputation for providing high-end stone slabs at great prices. Some of the brands of stone we carry include Caesarstone, Silestone and Cambria.

You can have your pick from a variety of color options we have available. We also have various materials besides granite, which include marble, engineered quartz and tile.

Why Choose Granite ASAP?

If you speak to any of our customers, they’ll tell you why they refer others to us. We work quickly without sacrificing the quality of our installations. Our craftsmanship alone is enough to appease our customers.

As a company, we strive to provide ultimate professionalism to our customer base. We always deliver speedy results and will even fabricate the slabs for you. We are a one-stop shop for homeowners who are looking to update their kitchen or bathroom countertops.

We sell, fabricate, deliver and install it all for you. So, no waiting around for slow big box stores to deliver your product to you.

We also have a local showroom our prospects and customers can visit to see all of our products in person. Seeing what we offer firsthand is the key to finding exactly what you need to match your décor.

If you’re ready to begin looking for granite slabs, stop by our showroom today. Give us a call now to get an estimate for your new natural stone countertops!