Bathroom Vanity Edges: Showing Off Natural Stones Countertops

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Bathroom Vanity Edges: Showing Off Natural Stones Countertops

The edge profile of your new bathroom vanity may not be the most important consideration in your mind for your bathroom remodeling project. That mild neglect might be something you will regret afterward when the project is over. You will see then how the edge affects the look and feel of your granite or marble countertop, and it would be too late to do anything about it.
The edge profile is not just a decorative or design feature. In many cases, it has practical function as well. Before dismissing it as a minor factor in your bathroom design, find out how the edge profile can show off your natural stones countertops. It is knowledge you can use when you plan future bathroom remodeling as well as kitchen remodeling projects.

Below you will find basic edge profiles, and when you should consider them for your natural stones countertops.


bathroom with square edge vanity The cleanest and simplest edge profile is the square edge. Despite the name, however, it is not actually square. You will find tiny grooves or “kerfs” in the natural stone surface, put there during fabrication to soften the sharp edges a little bit. This keeps the vanity edge safer for users, especially for small children who may hit their heads along the edge of the vanity. It also lowers the chances of the stone breaking and chipping with regular use.

The square edge is quite straightforward, but there are variations. One is the eased edge, which has a visibly rounded top and flat face. The other is a square edge with waterfall, which is an edge profile where there’s a bit of a dip before it goes down the edge.
A square edge profile is a classic style, and works for most bathroom designs. It is a good choice for your vanity if you want to keep it low profile, diverting attention to other decorative details in the bathroom such as a decorative mirror, dramatic backsplash, or high-end faucets.


bathroom with beveled edge vanity Another common edge profile is the beveled edge treatment. Popular for traditional-style bathrooms, it echoes the classical style of architecture with its angled cut. A bevel or chamfer is a 45-degree cut along the edge of the vanity countertop. One variation is the extreme beveled edge, where the cut is much steeper than 45 degrees. Other variations may be a single 45-degree cut along the top edge, or a cut long the top and bottom edges of the stone, also known as a double bevel. You can also use the bevel cut in combination with other edge profiles for a more elaborate treatment. Expert fabrication of a beveled vanity top will include kerfs to soften sharp cuts, but the treatment still makes a strong design element.

The best use of a beveled edge is for bathrooms that emphasize subtlety and elegance. Back in the day, beveled edges were used to indicate that the vanity was natural stone, as the cut revealed the characteristic grains of granite or marble. It is not such a good indicator nowadaysdge i as advances in technology has made it possible for laminates with beveled edges to look like natural stones countertops. Nonetheless, the beveled es still a good choice to give your bathroom a look of refinement and grace.


bathroom with mitered edge Natural stones countertops for bathrooms come in different thicknesses, the most common of which are 2 cm and 3 cm. In most cases, a 2-cm thick granite slab, which is considerably less expensive than a 3-cm slab, is perfectly fine for bathroom vanities. However, if you want to make your vanity top look thicker, you can choose a mitered edge.

In appearance, the mitered edge is like a square edge. As such, it is just as versatile design-wise as a square edge. However, a mitered edge is actually a separate piece of stone cut at a 45-degree angle attached to the edge of the granite countertops, which also has a 45-degree cut. The installer will glue the two pieces together using a special adhesive. You can also request for an eased and mitered edge, which is the same thing as a square edge except that it is slightly more rounded.

Despite its simple look, it is actually a difficult edge treatment. A mitered edge requires expert fabrication, especially for natural stones countertops. The stone has to be cut in such a way that there is no break in the coloration and the pattern of the stone to make it look continuous. The cut also has to be very precise so that the two pieces will fit together. Consult with your natural stones supplier if they have the expertise to provide a mitered edge as Granite Asap can.


bathroom with bullnose edge vanity The bullnose edge profile is also very popular with homeowners. It is a rounded, soft style of treatment that shows off the thickness and solidity of granite countertops. Because it is rounded all throughout the edges, it is a good edge choice for bathrooms that young children use regularly. It is also very attractive, especially for contemporary bathroom designs.
There are two variations of the bullnose edge treatment. The demi-bullnose has a round top but angled bottom. A half-bullnose also has a round top and angled bottom, but the bottom edge is slightly rounder.

Other edges are more complex (and more expensive) than the basic treatments described above. These would include the ogee, waterfall, DuPont, cove, quirk, and chiseled edge profiles. In most cases, however, one the basic profiles is the best choice for your bathroom.


Fabricating edge profiles for natural stones countertops is not an easy task, however. It requires a particular set of skills and knowledge to do it right. You need a reliable contractor and fabricator to carry out your project goals successfully, and you can do no better than Granite ASAP.
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