Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas In Manassas, VA That Will Charm You

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Bathroom vanity is one of the main highlights when you renovate your bathroom. It’s a multifunctional space that supports your routine to beautify yourself. But oftentimes, they’re overlooked, and it’s too late for you to know everything’s messed up. 

Today, we’re sharing with you some of the best bathroom vanity ideas in Manassas, VA. A combination of style and practicality that supports your bathroom makeover. Let’s go over them and see which ones suit your lifestyle.

Countryside Feel

If you want natural warmth in your bathroom, then choosing a bathroom vanity made from dark-stained wood is best. Walnut is one of the best choices in the market, because of its warm and cozy feel. The natural wood grain and color balance the modern cool ambiance of your bathroom.

On top of your dark-stained vanity, you can have a white quartz countertop. It can be a single or double sink depending on the size of your vanity. As for the faucet, having a copper or bronze finish would blend with your vanity’s color while contrasting with white quartz vanity top. 

Wall-to-Wall Modern Vanity

You can also opt to have a bathroom vanity that extends your entire wall. That way, you can add two vanity mirrors and two sinks. This is perfect for master bathroom vanity ideas in Manassas. A large bathroom vanity with lots of drawers and countertop space.

As for lighting, having three wall-mount vanity lights would be ideal. This is enough to brighten up your vanity top and for you to clearly see yourself in the mirror.

We can also carve out a space under your vanity where we can insert your vanity chair or stool. An area rug would also be a good addition to add elegance and warmth to your master bathroom vanity space.

Mid-Century Style Black Bathroom Vanity

Mid-century modern style is very popular in Manassas. You have a combination of classic and contemporary feel seamlessly working with each other in making your space more elegant than ever. As for this, you can opt for single or double vanity bathroom ideas. That depends on the size of your bathroom of course. 

Black bathroom vanity with vertical lines on the door profile is also a stylish option. You can have a white vessel sink on top. And then, your vanity top will be made from quartz or marble and the same color as your bathroom cabinet. That said, there’s a vivid contrast between your sink, countertop, and vanity. There are granite countertop types that will be suitable for your bathroom vanity. 

As for your faucet, you can have a gold or copper finish. It can be a cartridge or touchless faucet, and you can install that on the wall, or on top of your vanity. Long vertical mirrors with black borders would be good since it matches the color of your bathroom cabinet.

Wall-to-Wall Floating Vanity

An ultra modern floating vanity is also famous in Manassas. This is one of the trending vanity ideas for bathroom redo in Northern Virginia. A glossy tile finish on your floating vanity that extends wall-to-wall is an elegant addition to your master bathroom. And then, you can have a wall mirror as well to marry with that. Wall-recessed lighting and LED around the vanity would also be great. It adds to the modern feel of your bathroom.

To bring in outdoor beauty, you can place ornamental plants in the corner of your bathroom. Some have a dual vanity sink, one of which will be used for placing their ornamental plant. It’s like having Japanese-style incorporated on your bathroom remodel. 

Modern Farmhouse

If you love farmhouse style, yet you also want to make it modern, you can mix both. You can have a wooden floating vanity that stretches the entire wall. A white vessel sink with a wall-mount faucet would pair best for this. We’ll install open shelving on top of your floating vanity.

A towel rack at the edge of your vanity top can be installed as well. Better function and style to marry with your modern farmhouse vanity. 

Lighting underneath your floating vanity would also be good. It helps you clearly see what you’ve stored there while adding style to your vanity station. Overall, this is one of the in-demand modern bathroom vanity ideas today.

Adding some ornamental plants inside your bathroom would complement your farmhouse theme. It gives a Zen-like feel with a cinch of modernity to your bathroom remodel. You can always talk to kitchen and bath remodeling service experts for this matter. 

Vertical Modern Vanity Station

If you want to save space for your vanity station, you can have it vertically designed to save space. Right beside your vanity is your walk-in shower while on the other side will be your toilet. A floating vanity would be a good fit as well. The wall recessed storage on top of your vanity is oriented vertically against the wall. A monochromatic color for your wall and vanity is fit for this style. White vessel sink and wall-mount faucet are also ideal to save space on your vanity top.

Compact Floating Vanity with Modern Washroom 

Floating vanities are one of the trending bathroom vanity storage ideas in Manassas. For this, you can have a white sink mounted on the wall. White subway tiles will be covering the entire wall of your vanity station. On top of your sink, you can have a wall-mount open shelf for storing all your cosmetic essentials.

A wall-hung cabinet with a mirror door profile serves as your vanity mirror. Upon opening the cabinet, it gives you plenty of storage for your linens and bath essentials.

Inside your master bathroom, you can also install a wall-recessed closet with a sliding door. The latter has a mirror on the exterior surface of its door. That serves like your full body mirror inside your bathroom. There are modern bathroom remodeling ideas that you’ll surely love and could incorporate to your project. 

Sleek Floor standing vanity

When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, floating vanities aren’t the standard. You can have a floor standing vanity that has a sleek modern design. Neutral colors are one of the trademarks followed by simple clean lines with better storage and function.

You can have white bathroom cabinets and wooden vanity tops for that matter. A different approach than the conventional white quartz vanity top. A white vessel sink will be there to contrast with your wooden countertop. While this could surely affect the total cost of bathroom remodeling that you’re trying to achieve, but it would be worth it. 

For the lighting, we can have recessed LED lights surrounding your vanity mirror and some wall-hung lights on both sides of your bathroom cabinet. Adding some plants on your countertop would be good to bring some natural beauty.

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Hope you had a wonderful time going over some of our bathroom vanity design ideas. If you need assistance with your bathroom renovation in Manassas, we can be there for you. You can book an appointment for our free design consultation. We’d be happy to help you materialize your dream bathroom vanity.

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