Getting To Know The Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Your Remodel

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Bathroom vanities are one of the practical pieces of furniture which speak so much about your lifestyle. Whether your taste veers toward a modern bathroom or a traditional powder room, rest assured that there is a bathroom vanity that will suit your liking. Finding the right countertop stores to help you with your bathroom vanity is a good start. 

Let us inspire your bathroom renovation through these bathroom vanity makeover ideas. 


Bathroom vanities don’t always have to be wall mounted. This type of vanity is ideal for small bathrooms as it can offer a lot of storage space. Incorporating open shelving storage below it offers a more open design.

Let it float

For larger bathrooms where space is a luxury, double vanity bathroom ideas are perfect for you. Top this up with a large floating vanity that is mounted on the side wall. Providing extra storage while maintaining free floor space under it. For a more vintage feel, add some large brass-framed mirrors and windows adjacent to them. There are types of granite countertops that would work well with this kind of design. 

Make it double

A large bathroom space can sometimes look empty. Incorporating double vanities placed on opposite sides of the room can help you make use of your fullest potential. This is significantly substantial for big families as it allows them to get ready at the same easily. Warm it up with white marble tops accentuated with gold toned-fixtures that will perfectly balance your white-toned bathroom. There are bathroom remodeling ideas for large bathrooms and you’ll definitely love the outcome. 

Go classic

A pedestal sink is an excellent alternative for a vanity that features a classic character. It has a large top and a slender base which fits well in a small bathroom space. Install a shelf and a recessed cabinet above the sink for your storage.

Add Farmhouse Feel

To embrace a country style in your bathroom, consider installing a farmhouse sink. A white trough sink will add a unique factor to your bathroom. Look for faucets, hardware, and fixtures that aren’t overly ornate or lustrous to maintain a simple yet welcoming space. To achieve a country look, consider adding some silver or gold-colored fixtures. Check out some bathroom remodeling before and after photos showcasing farmhouse feel bathrooms and you’ll surely love it. 

Refurbish old furniture

An antique piece of the wood cabinet can go a long way in your bathroom. Repurpose this vintage piece by installing a bathroom vanity on top, and add a sink with a waterproof countertop. Add vertical subway tile backsplash and graphic patterned floor tiles to provide contrast.

Install an island

This is one of the modern bathroom vanity ideas that become more popular. Take advantage of the room’s space and generous wall by installing a central vanity island. This provides a modern sleek look that gives your bathroom space its own statement. 

Add some lighting

Since a vanity is also considered to be a task area, having significant lighting makes it more functional. When choosing lighting, ensure that it illuminates the person and sink area. 

Common areas where you can build on vanity lighting are at face level above the mirror or on either side of it. Another alternative is to mount the fixture right above the mirror to cast downward light. 

You could also install sconces on either side of the vanity mirror or mount your lights on the wall, or hang them on the ceiling as pendant lights. Most of the modern bathroom remodeling ideas that you can find are using nice lighting for a nice cozy look and feel. 

Choose your hardware

Bathroom fixtures and hardware can turn things around. Picking the right fixtures and hardware creates a connection between your bathroom design and style. Make sure to choose your finish first that complements the rest of your bathroom and your home. Next, find the right bathroom fixtures and hardware that complete the look. 

You don’t need to add some hardware for a flat slab cabinet front. Most of the bathroom cabinets are compatible with knobs or pulls. Go for plumbing and lighting fixtures that match with the cabinet hardware. 

Mirror it up

Aside from bathroom vanity hardware ideas, you should think, you should also choose a mirror that will create a cohesive look with the rest of the bathroom. Dressing your bathroom with a large mirror is a popular option for modern bathrooms. This makes your bathroom highly functional and appear bigger as it reflects light. 

One way to be creative around your space is to place one big mirror in a double sink counter. However, if your vanity has a single sink, only one mirror is necessary. You can use up the entire length of the wall for your mirror or hang a shaped mirror.

Dark Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Stained walnut or dark-toned bathroom cabinets are ideal if you want a dramatic feel in your bathroom. This goes well with classic and semi-modern bathrooms. Stainless steel finish fixtures and hardware look great on dark backgrounds.

You can have a slab-style cabinet door profile with chrome finish bar pulls or knobs. The hardware would seamlessly pop out from the background.

Dark bathroom vanities also make an excellent contrast with your white walls. You can also make the frame of your vanity mirror the same with the color of your vanity. That way, there’s a color harmony and contrast on your vanity corner.

Pedestal Sink for Modern Bathrooms

When you have a small bathroom, having a pedestal sink is an excellent choice. It allows you to save floor space while getting the right function of a bathroom vanity. We know storage is limited for a pedestal, what you can do is install wall–mount open shelving near your vanity mirror.

Freestanding Black Bathroom Vanity Against White Subway Tiles

For a modern look, black vanity and white subway tiles are great partners. Glossy white tiles and marble vanity top is a good combination as well that contrasts with your black vanity. You can also install faucets with bronze, satin, or gold finish to make your bathroom vanity luxurious.

Victorian Inspired Bathroom Vanity

If you want something historical yet elegant, a Victorian-style bathroom cabinet is a good choice. You can have dark paint for it, and the hardware is gold finish. Floral wallpaper will also be a good combination with this one.

A Vanity mirror with an ornate frame design would marry well with your antique-looking bathroom vanity. Wall-recessed lighting can help emphasize the intricate designs of your walls and bathroom vanity.

What are your final thoughts?

Planning for your new bathroom vanity isn’t that easy. You need to consider space, style, and budget. We hope the design ideas we shared helped you conceptualize what works best for your bathroom. If you need help from a designer, we can be the best one for you. With our years in the industry, we understand the complexity of designing and installing bathroom vanities.

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