Bathroom vanity tops

The bathrooms in your home need updating, so what do you do? The first step is to begin planning how you want these areas updated. For some homeowners, all that’s needed is a new vanity and sink. While others require a more extensive overhaul.

But whether you’re looking to have a small makeover or an overhaul, having your vanity and countertop replaced is key. After all, this is the very area that eyes focus on first. So as the focal point, this area should be updated with the best of the best.

There are different options to choose from, so hopefully this guide will help you with your bathroom remodeling project.

Why Redo the Bathroom Vanities in Your Home?

The amazing thing about updating the bathroom vanity and counter is that it doesn’t cost much, but adds so much to the appearance of the room. The expense associated with bathroom vanities is much lower than you’d spend on a complete overhaul of your bathroom.

Yet, just doing this one area can greatly improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Then there’s the fact your bathroom vanity can improve the functionality of your space. With the vanity, you’re getting added storage space for all your bathroom supplies. This sure beat having to install shelves all over the walls.

And if you need more convincing to have your bathroom vanities redone, you may like the idea that it can boost the value of your home. This is important if you plan to one day sell your house. Home buyers love bathrooms that look great.

So, by updating the vanity to a quality one with beautiful stone surface, you can really make your property stand out. With the stone options available at Granite ASAP, you can ensure you’re getting a quality upgrade.

What Are the Stone Options for Bathroom Vanities?

Speaking of stone counters, you’ll find three popular options right here at Granite ASAP. This includes granite, marble and quartz.

Granite and marble are beautiful natural stone options for the bathroom. Quartz is an engineered stone that is equally popular because of its durability and natural look.

The color options for granite, marble and quartz are extensive, so you can choose exactly how you want it to match your bathroom décor. If you’re interested in any of these, you can stop by our showroom to see them and choose the exact slabs you want installed.

Now, let’s learn more about your countertop options.

Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops

Granite is a popularly used stone countertop for bathrooms. Many homeowners love the natural appearance and its elegant style. It’s an igneous rock, so it’s harder than marble. So, if you’re looking for a quality contemporary design, then this is the stone to go with.

In fact, it’s been used for this various purpose for many centuries across the world. You’ll see it used for pillars, walls, floors and even statues.

So, what are the benefits associated with granite countertops? Well, it comes with a unique pattern – no two slabs are the same. And the color options are there. Then there’s the fact granite is easy to care for – all you need is warm water, mild soap and a soft non-scratch rag or sponge.

Granite counters will last a very long time, which makes them a very attractive option to homeowners. This is because they’re nonporous and resistant to stains. These stone counters are also resistant to scratches and heat. So those who enjoy baking and cooking won’t have to worry about damaging the surface with hot pots and pans.

The price for granite slabs are affordable, running between $45 and $100 per sq. ft. installed.

And as for the downsides to granite, there are only two worthies of noting. And that’s the fact it has limited availability and may require sealing.

Marble Bathroom Vanity Tops

Marble is another great natural stone option. A lot of homeowners like it because of its luxurious appeal. So, it makes the perfect addition in bathrooms with a contemporary and elegant design. It has a naturally cool and smooth surface.

And as for the other benefits associated with marble counters, it’s very durable and ages quite well. This is likely due to its ability to withstand heat. You can choose between a high polish or matte finish. Plus, it looks good in any bathroom design.

The downsides to marble is that it can be quite expensive to obtain. The cost can begin around $125 per sq. ft. for quality slabs. It also needs to be professionally sealed regularly to ensure its longevity. There’s also a limited supply.

Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops

Engineered quartz is designed using man-made compounds. It’s a mix of resin, pigments and quartz stone. This makes it very durable and offers a variety of color options to customers. Like granite, quartz is known for its hardness.

At least 90% of the slab is made up of quartz and the remainder resin and pigments. Compared to granite, quartz is more durable. However, the look of quartz looks a lot like a regular natural stone, like granite and marble.

The benefits associated with quartz includes its high durability, which is in part due to the resin. This makes it tough enough to last without being sealed. Also, it’s nonporous, so no worries of stains caused by spills. The surface is also scratch-resistant.

You can find this stone in a wide array of color options and can in some cases customize the color to your liking. No maintenance is needed, just daily cleaning with warm water and a mild soap. You can choose prefabricated vanity tops or have it customized for your bathroom.

The downsides to quartz is that it can be more expensive than granite, starting at $60 per sq. ft. It’s also a heavier stone, which may require additional support.

Buying Bathroom Vanity Tops for Your Home

Is it time to upgrade the vanity and countertop in your bathrooms? Then contact the contractors at Granite ASAP. We have a great selection of stones to choose from and offer meticulous installations.

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