Case study: Bathroom Renovation for Disabled Access

disabled accessible bathroom

Case study: Bathroom Renovation for Disabled Access

A majority of people with no physical disabilities may not realize how difficult it is to use a standard bathroom if you are wheelchair-bound or have a progressive condition such as Parkinson’s disease. This was the case with a couple in Alexandria, Virginia. The husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and experienced increasing difficulty in using the master bathroom. The couple reached out to Granite ASAP to help them renovate their bathroom for disabled access.

The wife had tried to make small changes in the bathroom by adding handle bars and non-slip matting. But it was not enough to provide complete access to the bathroom. The couple also wanted to make the bathroom look stylish, avoiding the obviously clinical look of a standard accessible bathroom. We sat down with them to discuss their issues and provide them with possible solutions.

We suggested adding a level full shower at entry to make it easy for the husband to take a shower without having to negotiate further into the bathroom. And still make it attractive to potential homebuyers. The shower addition represented a major part of the renovation budget. It would be necessary for us to cut into the floor considerably to install the shower tray for the water to drain properly. This also meant practically removing the floor tiles to access the concrete subfloor.

Non-Slip Floor

textured non-slip floor tilesThis was actually a good thing, as the existing tiles actually had to go because they were too slippery for a person with a physical disability in our opinion. We suggested replacing them with a non-slip textured tile for the flooring, with matching wall tiles in a gloss finish. In line with updating the accessibility of the bathroom.

We relocated the floating vanity to be in direct line to the entry. And added custom cabinets for additional storage in addition to the open shelving right behind the door. The vanity is immediately next to the new spa bathtub that would serve the dual purpose as a venue for hydrotherapy and increase the feeling of luxury in the bathroom.

We further proposed camouflaging the stainless steel handrails in the shower by installing a ceiling mounted head and shower diverter of the same material, making the handrails look like towel racks instead of mobility and support aids.

Ceiling-Mounted Shower

ceiling-mounted shower headBecause of these proposed changes, it was important for the clients to see the design to make sure the layout is something they want for their needs. We put together the concept and showed it to the clients so they could make any changes they wanted before finalizing the design.

Once the client approved the final layout. We invited the clients to come to the showroom and pick out the fixtures, showerhead assembly, sink, granite slab for the vanity top, floor and wall tiles, and the handrails. We kept a running total as they picked each item. And suggested alternatives to fit their budget. By the end of the visit, we had finalized their purchases and promised to send them a project cost estimate within the day.

The labor costs of such a project was considerable. Renovating an existing bathroom is often more difficult than building one from scratch. However, we were able to provide them with a total cost that would fit their budget and desired timeline. Barring any unexpected issues such as problems with their plumbing or electrical system. We should be able to stick to the schedule and cost we projected.

The clients agreed to the terms of the project, and we started work on the bathroom renovation the following day. As expected, and as reflected in the project timeline. Our biggest challenge was creating the space for the shower tray in the concrete. It took the better part of three days to get it done. Once that was in place, however, our progress was much faster. We had already delivered the products the clients had chosen. So, it was just a matter of bringing everything in and installing them, including the floor and wall tiles, shower tray and stall, vanity and vanity top.

The whole project took just a week to complete, and the clients were very happy with the results. They got a disabled accessible bathroom that did not look like one at all. It was a stylish space that would appeal to anyone, and increased the home’s value considerably. We were able to address all of the clients’ issues without going over budget or schedule. It was a triumph for them as well as for us.


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