Falls Church Homeowner Updates their Bathroom with Marble Vanities and Tile

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Falls Church Homeowner Updates their Bathroom with Marble Vanities and Tile

Falls Church VA

Granite ASAP was contacted by a homeowner in Falls Church, who was looking to update two of his bathrooms. Our professionals made an appointment to come to his property to take measurements and to give a quote. The property was an older model home that was built in the early 20th century. It was owned by his grandparents and it was passed down after they passed away.

He wanted to keep the integrity of the home, while updating key areas, adding a slight modern feel. The owner knew that the antique designs were what gave the property its grand appeal. So, the first step he was taking was updating the bathroom with marble stone slabs.

The owner contacted our professionals to determine the pricing for upgrading the vanities and sink, and to install wall trim along throughout the bathroom. He was also considering adding a tile backsplash in the shower and tub areas.

The owner lived alone, but was planning to rent out the home to a family once he completed the minor renovations. The house had yet to be updated, so he wanted to ensure it was safe and appealing to the younger generation that would be renting it.

Bathroom Remodeling Falls Church VA

The Result was Spectacular

Once our professionals finished making the  upgrades and additions, the homeowner was amazed. It as a real spectacle to look at. The bathrooms had a nice blend of antique appeal and a contemporary feel. The marble stone added the touch of elegance that was often seen in the older century homes dwelt in by the rich.

He felt more confident in listing the property for rent and showcasing it to younger families that were on the market for a home.

A Quick and Seamless Installation

The professionals at Granite ASAP work fast, without sacrificing quality. Our customer was very satisfied with how speedy the job was performed. The detail we showed was also evident, making it even more satisfying.

The project took only two days to complete. Both bathrooms were redone and the proper installations were made. Our experts took all of the measurements and cut the marble stone slabs for the client’s property. We then installed it, along with the new bathroom sinks.

The tile walls were installed for the entire area where the bathroom and shower were located. He also decided to have the floors redone with the marble stone, this was done the first day, followed by the tile walls and the counters.

Hire Us for Your Bathroom Remodel

Granite ASAP specializes in upgrading bathrooms and kitchens with quality stone varieties. Some of the options we have available include marble, granite and quartz. The brands we carry slabs from include Granite, Silestone, Camrbia, Caesarstone and Remnant. We ensure all our stones are high-grade to meet the quality standards of our customers.

We pay special attention to detail when installing countertops, floors and sinks for our clientele. It’s how we were able to stay in business for so long. Many of our customers refer us to others they know. Many of our projects are performed for clients that came to us through word of mouth. It’s great knowing our services are worthy of passing along to family and friends.

At Granite ASAP, we strive to only carry top-tier products. Our stone slabs are imported from various parts of the world, including India and Brazil. If you’re looking for the best stones on the market, then come to Granite ASAP.

Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. Free estimates are always available!


Falls Church, VA

Falls Church is an independent city located in Virginia. This city is situated within the Washington metro area. Its name derives from the 18th century Anglican parish, also named The Falls Church. The area didn’t become a town until 1875, then became incorporated as a city in 1948. It was established as an independent city with county-level governance. Another name for this town is Falls Church City.

Not all the corporate boundaries consist of the historical boundaries of the city. For example, Seven Corners and other portions like Arlington County, also known as East Falls Church. One great thing about Falls Church is that it’s rated as having the lowest poverty level of all the independent cities in America.

Back in the 16th and 17th centuries, Falls Church was settled by Algonquian-speaking inhabitants. At this time, it was a part of the Anacostia chiefdom located near the lower Anacostia River (present day Washington D.C.). John Smith visited these people back in 1608. Later in the 19th century, the area of Falls Church became anchored by an Anglican church. The land was later subdivided into smaller farms to grow things like wheat, cor, tobacco, potatoes and fruit.

In Falls Church, you can find plenty of modern and historical sites to visit. If you’re looking for a bit of history, you can attend the Historic Falls Church on South Washington St. The church was founded in 1734 and was the congregation for notables, such as President George Washington and various Virginia Statesmen, such as George Mason.

Another historical site worth checking out is Cherry Hill Farmhouse. It has an attached barn, which was used by a family that catered to the 73-acre farm that was once there. It survived through the Civil War, even though it was repeatedly overrun, requisitioned and raided. If you don’t quite know where to begin, you can go on the Historic Trails tour, which will take you all around the historic sites.

Modern day fun can be had by going to other outlets, such as The State Theater, Art Space Falls Church and Eden Center. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to go to as well.