Popular Granite Countertop Colors To Choose From For Your Kitchen Remodel

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Granite countertops offer stunning features that make them stand out over other natural stone countertops. These have been an exceptional choice for kitchen or bathroom design as it gives a different design statement from their breathtaking patterns and colors. 

Different types of granite countertops and colors  have increased in popularity for their grandeur and visual aesthetics in interior design. Some popular granite countertop colors include steel gray, black pearl, Azul platonia, luna pearl, and many more. Finding the a reliable granite installers is the next step you need to 

In this article, we will discuss the best granite countertop colors that will definitely match any kitchen cabinets and interiors for your kitchen remodel. 

Why choose the best granite countertop colors for your kitchen remodel?

There are many granite countertop color ideas available in our showroom, and picking the right one can make a huge difference on your kitchen remodel. You can use a color that either contrasts or blends with your cabinets. Perhaps, choose one that marries with your kitchen walls and flooring.

You have endless possibilities of picking the right hue that works best for your home’s overall theme. We can help you select the right one for your kitchen.

White Granite Countertops

White granite kitchen countertops encapsulate elegance and beauty. Their color allows them to be in harmony with almost any kitchen cupboard color. A pure white slab is impossible to purchase. It comes in white variety of gray, black, red, or blue flecks throughout the stone’s surface. 

White granite countertops come in various shades that hold different characters.

Colonial Cream

Colonial Cream granite comes from India. It features spaces of gold, brown, rust, and gray. It gives a stunning look to any kitchen setting. This granite color is recommended for commercial and residential design including floors, walls, and countertops. 

White Galaxy

White Galaxy granite is one of the hot items among colors suitable for almost any kitchen remodeling ideas. Its simple yet sleek design and speckled pattern give a clean and crisp look. It is best paired with wooden or deeper-tone cabinetry. 

Labradorite Bianca

Labradorite Bianca granite is mostly gray with some blue and black patches. This type of granite is fitting for both commercial and domestic- countertops, vanities, tiles, backsplashes, and fireplaces. The process to obtain the whole slab is a bit complicated as it involves reasoning and glass fiber backing.  

Giallo Fiesta

Giallo Fiesta gives out whites and grays partnered with flecks of yellow and gold. This granite is from Brazil. They are suited for either interior or exterior designs. They are compatible with outdoor kitchens, landscaping, walls, countertops, and floors. 

Glacier White Granite

Glacier White granite is also known as White Storm. It is an Indian granite that features black dots and light gray veins with a combination of swirls of ivory and gold. Similar to a glacier, the pattern flows slowly which gives a delightful accent for kitchen countertops. 

Black Granite Countertops

Your kitchen won’t go out of style if you incorporate black countertops in your space. They are timeless and fit well in modern-style kitchens. Black granite countertops blend well with gray, white, and brown counters. For a striking bold look, fresh white walls go well with black granite countertop styles. 

Absolute Black

The pitch black color of this granite countertop is perfect for modern or transitional kitchens. A slab-style cabinet painted in neutral tones would be a great contrast with your Absolute Black granite countertops.

Metallic surfaces are an excellent partner as well with black granite since it gives out a unique dramatic look on your kitchen.

Black Pearl

Black pearl seems to be a typical countertop granite color. However, if you look closely, you’ll find flecks of mineral deposits of gold, green, brown, and silver. When light strikes these specks of color, it reflects in the room and surely will captivate the hearts of your visitors and guests. 

Metallica Granite

Metallica Granite is also known as Metallica Silk Granite. This is a unique stone from Brazil that features multiple colliding colors of gold, brown, and black crystals. This stone offers a dramatic effect in the kitchen, or in other exterior and interior projects such as monuments, fountains, mosaics, and walls. 


This granite slab has a wave-like pattern of white and gray on black background. If you want a dramatic feel in your kitchen, this granite slab is one of your best options. It would look best as a waterfall kitchen island paired with white slab-style cabinets.

Andes Black

This one resembles the night sky with lots of stars. If you’re an avid fan of stars and picturesque views of the night sky, Andes Black is an excellent option for you. This looks well when paired with beige or off-white cabinets. 

Blue Granite Countertops 

Blue granites is one of the most expensive varieties of granite slabs. Its average price on the market is around $70 to $100 per square foot. If you’re looking for quality blue granites at a reasonable price, we have many of them in our collection. Let’s enumerate some of them below:

Amazon Blue Granite

This looks like a combination of emerald green, olive green, and blue pigments on one granite slab. Its unique palette is perfect for transitional and luxurious kitchens. Your copper or gold finish hardware would marry well with this granite slab. Also, green or beige kitchen cabinets would work well with Amazon Blue granite countertops. There are stunning kitchen remodeling trends and ideas that you could find using the Amazon Blue Granite. 

Azul Bahia

This granite slab somehow mimics the appearance of mountain tops with snow and is touching the blue sky. A dramatic feel perfect for modern and transitional kitchens. Different shades of blue kitchen cabinets would marry Azul Bahia. But white shaker-style cabinets would seamlessly blend with this too.

Baltic Blue

This granite slab has larger fragments of olive green hues with blue and black background. A truly interesting palette for granite that can pair up with light-brown cabinets and cream walls. You can also go with green-blue cabinets with bronze bar pulls.

Blue Pearl

This is one of the most luxurious blue granite slabs we have in our collection. The random specks of blue, white, and light gray beautifully combine with each other. You can have this for your kitchen countertop and waterfall kitchen island. A white slab-style or shaker cabinet would perfectly blend with Blue Pearl granite countertops.

Have you found your kitchen granite countertop colors?

We hope you had a splendid time scanning through our popular kitchen granite countertop colors. If it’s your first-time, we understand that you’ll be overwhelmed with the selection. No worries as you can ask assistance from our kitchen remodeling experts. They’ll help you find the right palette for your granite slabs.

For most modern kitchens, neutral granite countertop colors are the go-to choices. They are versatile and make your kitchen look cleaner and fresher. If you need more help, book a free consultation with us. You can also ask for a free quote for your granite countertops.

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