Smart Tips To Save On Granite Countertop Installation Cost

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When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite is king! Many homeowners love the natural beauty and durability of granite. But it comes with a price that many of them dread. Plus, the trouble of finding the most reliable countertop store adds up as well. However, this shouldn’t hold you back from having granite kitchen countertops.

Do you want to know how to save on your granite countertop installation cost? You’re in the right place, as we’re going to share with you smart tips on how to do that.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets and countertops happens once every ten or twenty years. But that depends on how you use and care for them. So, without further delays, let’s walk you through how to get your affordable granite countertops.

Look for wholesale granite

Be on the lookout for wholesale granites sold by manufacturers or stone suppliers. Before you can rarely see that, yet now, a lot of them are offering them. You can find many granite slabs in our store that are priced affordably for everyone to avail of. 

Wholesale granites were first offered to businesses only, yet the industry has realized it shouldn’t be. By getting this one, you can avoid additional fees. Many customers are also going for in-home fabricators for installing their granite kitchen countertops.

Don’t buy an entire slab, go for granite remnants

Granite remnants are those pieces left from an entire slab. Many stone suppliers offer this, yet you don’t have the option to pick the colors since it depends on what’s available in the store. In terms of price, granite remnants are cheaper, yet you can only use them for smaller projects like a backsplash or an accent on the wall.

Consider granite orphans

What’s the difference between a granite remnant and an orphan? The latter is the last available kind of granite slab in a store. There are times you can haggle the price of granite orphans since it’s the only one left. Haggling about the price depends on how good you are with your negotiation there. 

Go for a square edge profile

In terms of countertop installation labor cost, customizing the edge profile is one thing to consider. The cheapest edge style for your granite countertop is square and your second option is bullnose. The former is versatile for any granite color and kitchen layout. The main gripe of a square edge, it’s that more lucrative than other edge styles, yet it can work well with any modern kitchen remodel.

A bullnose edge, on the other hand, has more finesse and style. It’s also safe for children and seniors since there’s less chance of getting a cut with bullnose. Moreover, you can easily wipe spills and maintain your countertop with this edge profile. There are modern kitchen remodeling ideas following square edge profile, and it would be best for you to check them out. 

Keep your countertop dimension the same

Granite countertop installation cost also depends on size and dimension. Oftentimes, kitchen countertops measure 30 to 55 square feet. If the cost to install is $25 to $120 per square foot, you’re expecting to spend around $1,375 to $6,600 for installation.

You can also ask your contractor if they can give discounts if you install more square footage. Asking for a free quote would also be great. Check if the quote is fixed or variable, if the latter, then know the factors that can increase the price.

Less cutouts 

Part of the kitchen countertop installation cost is the cost of cutouts. This will be creating those holes for your sinks, faucets, cooktop, outlets, and soap dispensers. The more cutouts needed for your granite countertop, the more cost added to the installation. Typically, the average price is $25 per cutout. But you can ask the contractor if for the price quoted, what are the inclusive cutouts for your granite installation.

Dispose your old countertop yourself

There’s an additional cost if you let your contractor dispose of your old kitchen countertop. But you can ask them about it since some can have that for free. On average, the added cost for removal and disposal of old countertops is between $50 to $300. This will be included in your cost of countertop installation

To save money, you can take care of the disposal, or you can use your old countertop for other things. Recycling your slab is an efficient way to save on material and labor.

A single sink instead of two 

Having a dual sink on your kitchen countertop is great. But if it won’t match your lifestyle, that’s an added cost to your pocket for granite installation. Many homeowners go for one large sink for their kitchen countertop. That way, you can save on labor. The average price of installing a kitchen sink is between $210 to $600. If you’re having a hard time deciding, check out some of kitchen remodeling before and after photos to help you out. 

Tile instead of a slab

Granite tiles are cheaper than granite slabs. They are also easier to install, so installation costs would be cheaper. However, in terms of durability and beauty, thicker slabs are the best. If you don’t mind paying extra dollars for something that would last longer than a decade, then go for it.

But to elaborate on the benefits of tiles, here they are:

  • Easier to repair and replace
  • Cheaper material and labor cost

Purchase granite from a local supplier

When you buy from a local stone supplier, you can save on shipping fees. Moreover, if you have complaints about the slab, you can quickly call them for a replacement, and it’ll be done faster since they’re just local. 

Choose standard plumbing and fixtures

If you can purchase the plumbing and fixtures yourself, then do it. Buy the standard ones, those that are easy to install on your kitchen countertop. That way, you can save on labor and customizations. You can ask your contractor for some suggestions. 

Pick simple granite colors

Granite comes in different colors and patterns. During installation, professionals will look at the patterns and see that the slabs are arranged in a way that the patterns flow smoothly. That said, picking a granite slab with simple designs and colors would help ease installation. The lesser customizations done, the lesser will be your installation cost. There’s just a lot of granite countertop color ideas that you could check to help you decide. 

How much does countertop installation cost?

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