Top Trending White Granite Countertop in Great Falls VA this 2022

When it comes to choosing the right white granite countertops for your home, it pays to get as much information as you can on the subject. Luckily, there are some awesome granite countertops ideas for Great Falls, VA that can guide your search.

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You have a lot of options when it comes to top white granite countertops in Great Falls, VA and you are sure to find the best ones if you search long enough. Of all the granite countertop colors in Great Falls, VA, white is one of the most popular because it fits so many design styles.

To help you get the best granite countertops in Great Falls, VA, our experts will share their top trending white countertops. This article will teach you everything you need to know about white granite in Great Falls, VA and make a smart purchase.

Kitchen Granite Countertops Great Falls, VA

Before we get into the nitty gritty on the fabulous white granite countertops, it can help to know a thing or two about granite, the stone. Granite has been used in homebuilding for thousands of years because it is abundant in many locations.

These days in the USA, granite is mostly used for decorative pieces and for countertops in different settings. Some other features that have made granite one of the most popular countertop materials in the modern world include:

  • Granite is one of the hardest stones, typically scoring 7/10 on the mohs scale. This makes it stand up to all kinds of use without any problems.
  • Granite doesn’t etch the way that marble does, so you don’t have to be as afraid of spilling on it. This comes in handy in the kitchen where you need to cook many types of food.
  • Granite has a beautiful, grainy appearance that people love to look at. There are many kinds of white granite to choose from to suit your tastes.

Granite is a wonderful stone and you might be able to source some from a local quarry. Regardless of where it comes from, granite is found near the surface and you won’t damage the environment too much by taking some into your home.

Pitaya White Granite Countertops

This color of granite has nice gray tones in it, but the more prominent feature is the black freckle-like dots. These natural patterns make Pitaya White an interesting granite to study in your home for years while seeing something different each time.

You can do a shiny finish that helps the dark grains stand out in any type of light. These countertops won’t distract from the rest of your interior designs, but it surely makes you enjoy the entire space more and more.

Colonial White Granite Countertops

This type of slab has more of a creamy appearance that can help to add some warmth to your kitchen or other spaces. It has darker grains that range from brown, to tan, to gold and even black.

Each piece of Colonial White granite has its unique characteristics that add a lot of beauty to your designs. This color of granite is sure to aid in your design goals if you want a more muted kitchen layout that feels cozy, but ready for anything.

Arctic Valley

This type of white granite has prominent gray striping that makes some people wonder if it truly belongs in the white granite category. Arctic Valley does have more white than gray, and you can use this blend well in a white and gray kitchen.

A trending kitchen design these days is to have gray walls with white cabinets, and this color of white granite countertops is a perfect compliment to that design. You can be successful with this color in many other designs, but you do need to make sure that everything is well balanced.

Avalon White Granite Countertops

This shade of granite has prominent, dark veining and grains that give you eyes a maze of beauty to enjoy. Avalon White is an excellent choice not only for kitchen countertops, but also works for backsplashes, flooring, accent walls or fireplace surrounds.

You can find gray, brown and black swirls in a slab of Avalon white that will make your heart soar. The more creamy white that makes the backdrop for these lovely patterns lends itself well to a kitchen in need of a little bit of warming color.

New River White

This color of white granite features flowing veins of gray that make it appear almost the same as a specimen of marble. If you desire the look of a marble countertop, but prefer the hardness of granite, New River White could be the color for you.

New River White is an excellent choice for a modern, minimalist kitchen as the focal point with its interesting patterns. It won’t overwhelm the senses, but gives you something to examine and find beauty in.

Gray Nuevo

This shade of white granite countertop has a lot of mottling that gives it one of the most unique looks of any white granite. It has the most black tones of any white granite countertop, so it could be a great middle stripe in a white kitchen.

The character of Gray Nuevo gives your kitchen a more fun loving atmosphere that is perfect for those who love entertaining. It has a more spicy feeling than some other white granites, and will help you feel more outgoing when you want to.

Bianco Romano White Granite Countertops

If you are heading in the direction of a contemporary kitchen design, Bianco Romano could be one of the smartest additions you could make. This granite has plenty of grainy texture that looks wonderful in a contemporary atmosphere.

This pairs well with a subway tile backsplash that sort of acts as a stepping stone to the cool whites you can find in the granite. We love a rubbed bronze hardware on the cabinets around a Bianco Romano countertop for a cozy, contemporary kitchen.