Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends We’ll See in 2018

Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends We’ll See in 2018

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Top 4 Kitchen Countertop Design Trends We’ll See in 2018

Your kitchen countertops are the core of your design. It’s one of the first things people see when they enter your kitchen – why not make it something worth seeing?

In the past, finding unique ways to enhance your countertops were limited. But today, you can find countless options for your kitchen counters. This includes a variety of materials and a multitude of color options.

So, whatever the color palette you choose for your kitchen, you can easily find a matching countertop. If you’re on the path to finding a new kitchen counter, but are a bit lost, then look no further than the coming trends.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the top trends we will see for kitchen counters in 2018.

1. Quartz is the New Granite

Quartz countertops in the kitchen

For many years, granite stone the show in both kitchens and bathrooms. While this beautiful natural stone will likely always be the apple of someone’s eye, it’s no longer the only apple in tree.

Quartz is quickly growing in popularity and why shouldn’t it? It’s a gorgeous stone that’s highly durable. For many, it offers the best of both worlds – the beauty of natural stone and the durability of an engineered material.

The downside to granite is that it’s porous, which is why it requires sealing. But this isn’t the case with quartz. It’s non-porous and doesn’t require any sealing. It’s tough as nails and will last a very long time.

It’s ideal for kitchen settings because it can take the heat, scratches, spills and just about anything else you throw its way. Caring for quartz counters is very simple, even for first-timers.

Since you don’t have to seal quartz, you don’t have to worry about the headache and expense of consistently resealing it. Then to top it off, quartz comes in an array of colors, patterns and finishing techniques.

Depending on the company you hire to fabricate it, you can also implement edge profiles.

2. Counters with Textured Finishes

Kitchen counters with textured finishes

In the past, it was common for homeowners to polish their kitchen counters. This left the surface resilient and bright, and for a long time, it made kitchens look elegant and appealing.

But as always, times are changing, and the shift is now going towards textured finishes. This is the exact opposite of polish, which leaves behind a super smooth countertop.

And this trend isn’t just for counters, but for other parts of the home as well. For instance, textured paint and tile is available on the market. Some options include matte finishes that have little to no shine at all.

This is called a honed finish and is suitable for stone countertop surfaces, like marble. Now, this is a great choice because marble lacks sheen. Using a honed finish will also help to hide any flaws or scratches in the surface as well.

Another polish to consider is called leathered. This is growing in popularity because it’s not as glossy and feels different to the touch. It maintains the natural color of the stone, while making it more sophisticated compared to a honed finish.

If you worry about fingerprints and water spots, leathered finishes hide them well.

3. Countertops with Veins and Patterns

Kitchen with counters with unique veins and patterns

There’s nothing like the natural look of stones that have veins and varying color patterns. This is one of the reasons that made granite and other countertops popular in the first place.

However, what you find in nature isn’t always good enough. Today, there’s technology that can create counters that have more creative patterns and colors. For instance, you can buy quartz counters and implement more veining that makes it look more natural.

Manufacturers can integrate more creative pattern swirls into the surface to make it more interesting. Rather than having patterns with round particulates is long gone and now we have quartz surfaces with realistic veining.

Top this off with one of the finishes.

4. Neutral Tones Over Bright Colors

Kitchen with earth toned kitchen

The days of using bright colors in a kitchen setting are slowly coming to an end. We’re now seeing more neutral tones entering into the scene. So goodbye the bold bright hues of Art Deco and its mid-century styles.

Now, we are seeing soft grays, beige and white tones. Homeowners today are looking for laid back designs for their kitchen. Quartz offers many neutral color options, such as varying browns, and light blues that look nearly gray.

Other colors homeowners select include off-whites, neutral beige and ashy grays.

Updating the Countertops in Your Kitchen

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