Homeowners in Lovettsville, VA Redo Property with Granite Stone

Lovettsville VA

Homeowners in Lovettsville, VA Redo Property with Granite Stone

Lovettsville VA


A couple was in Lovettsville was tired of their property. They wanted to revamp it, breathe new life into the design. They believed this could be done using the various stones and products we offer. The two decided to go with our granite slabs for their kitchen and bathrooms, as well as new cabinets, vanities, backsplash and flooring.

We came to their property to take measurements of the kitchen and restrooms that would be updated. Then we gave the couple a quote based on the products they chose. The couple came to our stockroom to select the granite slabs they wanted to use. 

Our professionals do all the fabricating of the products to ensure a proper fit. Once that was complete, we set up the appointment to come by the property to perform the installations.

Happy Customers in Lovettsville, VA

The finished project came out lovely. The couple was ecstatic with the results of our labor. We were able to complete the job rather quickly. They were happy with the attention to detail we provided. We always strive to provide impeccable installations for the kitchens and bathrooms we remodel.

The stone slabs were cut meticulously and the colors were very vibrant. The customers hand selected the exact slabs they wanted installed. The cabinetry and bathroom vanity were high quality and matched well with the décor of the rooms.

Kitchen-Remodeling-Lovetsville-VACompleting the Project

We arrived at the customers’ home bright and early. We expected this project to take about two days to complete. The first day was spent removing all the key areas of the kitchen and bathrooms. First, we started with the kitchen cabinets and counters. Then removed the vanities and sinks. The flooring was pulled up last from the master and guest bathrooms.

Once we removed everything, we started the installations in the kitchen. The cabinets had to be installed first to implement the granite slabs. The backsplash was designed with the same granite stone, so it matched accordingly.

Afterward, we began with the guest bathroom. It was a full restroom with about 150 sq. ft. of space. We began installing the new tile floors. Then we proceeded with the installation of the vanities. Next, the granite slab and the new sink and faucet were installed.

In the next bathroom, we did the same thing – began with the flooring, then worked our way to the vanity. We installed it, then the bathroom countertop and sink and faucet. The rose color looked great with the rest of the room’s décor.

The project was completed right on schedule, by the end of the following day. Our professionals made sure to clean up the mess created so the couple could enjoy their home versus cleaning it up.

Redesign Your Kitchen and Bath

Who better to call for your kitchen and bath remodel than Granite ASAP? We offer a variety of products you can use to spruce up the look and feel of these areas. This includes our granite stone slabs, which come in a variety of colors. We also have engineered quartz and marble slabs for your choosing – also with an array of color options.

For decades, our contractors have provided kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to homeowners in and around Lovettsville, VA. Our professionals are all licensed, bonded and insured. Our track record for satisfying customers is unsurpassed, along with the reasonable rates we offer for our products and installation services.

The products we have available include kitchen cabinets and counters, bathroom vanities, tile flooring, tile backsplashes, sinks and faucets for the kitchen, bathroom and bar.

When you shop through us, you’re getting nothing but the best quality for your home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and services. Free estimates are always available to our customers throughout Virginia. Call now!

Lovettsville, VA

The town of Lovettsville can be found in the Virginia county called Loudoun County. This can be found in the Commonwealth’s northern tip. The city was first settled by Germans who immigrated during the 1800s. The town was established in 1836. It’s a tight-knit community that has a lot to offer tourists and residents. There’s also plenty of history here.

Back in 1722, the Blue Ridge Mountains were established as the buffer zone between the German settlers and the Native Americans. This was known as the Treaty of St. Albans. The Germans that moved here did so to farm on its rich soil. Several villages were established using buildings made from wood and logs. Then their land holdings began to expand. This area was later known as The German Settlement.

Nearly 100 years later in 1820, a man named David Lovett subdivided his properties into city lots. These were cut into quarter acres. This brought about the construction boom, which lead to the town being renamed Newtown. Then in 1828, it was changed into Lovettsville. Lovettsville was established as a town in 1836.

You can find plenty of things to do in Lovettsville, VA. If you’re into parks and recreation, you can visit locations, such as Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park, Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park, Claude Moore Park/Lanesville Heritage Area, Franklin Park and Trailside Park.

If you enjoy a nice drink, you can go to Catoctin Creek Distillery. There are also local farms in the area worth checking out, such as Great Country Farms, Potomac Farm, Faith like a Mustard Seed Farm and Fox Chase Farm.