A Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel in Annandale, VA

A Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel in Annandale, VA

Annandale VA

A couple in Annandale saw the bathroom and kitchen projects performed by Granite ASAP and decided they wanted something similar done to their home. They were referred to us by friends who had work done by us the year before. The clients who contacted us explained that they wanted to have their kitchen and bathroom redone, but weren’t exactly sure with what materials or to what extent.

When our professionals first arrived to provide an estimate, the client knew that he wanted to have new countertops and tile backsplash installed. But after looking at the cabinets, we suggested that he also upgrade these. They weren’t in bad condition, but it wouldn’t have looked right since the rest of the home had been remodeled, including the floors. Our contractor drew up an estimate with and without the cost of the cabinets, so that they could make a final decision.

Kitchen Remodeling Annandale VA

The couple also wanted to redo their bathrooms with a tile wall in the shower, and new vanity and sink. We offered one of our package deals, which was a steal for a master and guest bathroom.

The customers weren’t sure what type of stone they wanted to use for the kitchen counters and vanity, so we invited them to our showroom. There, we were able to show them the different brands and colors we had on hand, which included Cambria, Silestone and Caesarstone. The colors options were also extensive, plus we offered additional ones that hadn’t yet been brought in. The couple finally found the slabs they wanted and we set those aside, so no one else would take them.

It Took Less than a Week

The couple decided to go with new cabinets in the kitchen. They chose one of the models from our selection that they felt would match the granite stone slabs they chose. Our experts arrived on a Monday morning to get started on the kitchen. We removed all the cabinets first, and then proceeded to removing the kitchen countertops. The installation process was seamless, since our experts took careful measurements during our first visit.

The granite stone was replacing faded laminate counters, so the difference was tremendous. By mid-week, we were already done with the kitchen and moved on to the bathrooms. The guest bathroom was small and didn’t have a shower, so no tile wall was implemented. We were able to switch out the vanity in this restroom in one day. The master bathroom was much larger, and had two vanities that were being replaced.

Our contractors removed those and implemented two new vanities chosen from our selection and then we installed the granite counters. The shower stall was next – we installed the tile wall, which matched the granite stone and floors.

The end result was really amazing and the customers loved it. The entire project took less than a week to complete. We were out of their home by Friday evening.

Happy Customers Are the Best

At Granite ASAP, we work hard to keep our customers happy. This couple was no exception. The wife was in love with her new kitchen and bathrooms, and the husband was pleased that his wife was appeased. They thanked us and assured that they would refer us to others they know – and they did. This project was performed in October, just before the holidays, so a lot of their guests complimented their kitchen and bath remodels and asked for their contractor’s name.

Updating Your Kitchen and Bath with Granite ASAP

The key to being satisfied with your kitchen and bath remodel has everything to do with the contractor you select for the job. With Granite ASAP, you’re guaranteed a quality finish for whatever remodeling jobs you hire us for. We offer a great selection of sinks, vanities, cabinets, countertops and tile floors and backsplashes. Our services and craftsmanship will guarantee you a meticulous new kitchen and bathroom to show off to family and guests.

The packages we offer include our beautiful granite, marble and quartz stones. These come in an array of colors, enabling you to carefully match the tone you want to set for your kitchen and bathroom décor.

Give Granite ASAP a call today if you plan to do remodeling work in your Annandale kitchen and bathroom.

Annandale, VA

Annandale, Virginia is situated in Fairfax County. Enjoying the many beautiful vistas of rolling hills, heavy red clay soils and stream valleys. This region of Virginia is cut in two by Accotink Creek, which was used as a primary method of ocean-going ships to reach the sea, back in Colonial times. These ships were transporting goods, such as tobacco. The oldest road in the city also crosses this river, called Little River Turnpike.

During World War I, a dam was built for supplying water to the Army Camp A.A. Humphreys. The lake was no longer needed by the army in 1960, so it was leased by the Fairfax County Park Authority, which it later purchased in 1965. Now, the site is filled with bike trails, boat rental and fishing.

There are plenty of unique adventures individuals and families can embark on in Annandale, Virginia. One place that’s worth going to is the Hidden Oaks Nature Center, where you can enjoy the great outdoors at its best. There are various hiking trails and ponds that kids and adults can enjoy. History buffs should also attend the private day tours provided at Celtic Journeys, where you can travel back in time to Scotland.

Residents can also enjoy a walk in Mill Creek Park, where there is a playground for children. There’s also a bounce house at the Alexandria Coliseum, where kids can hop around and burn themselves out. You can also find various diners, shops, libraries and retail stores to shop at nearby. Locals also like to attend the Annandale Farmers Market, where you can buy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers.