A Kitchen Counter Upgrade in Alexandria, VA Using Granite Stone

A Kitchen Counter Upgrade in Alexandria, VA Using Granite Stone

Alexandria VAThe beautiful city of Alexandria has a population of 153,511 (as of 2015). It is an independent city situated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You can find this city along the western bank of the Potomac River. The town is also about seven miles away from Washington D.C., which is located to the north. Because this town is so close to D.C., you will find plenty of professionals who live here that work in the U.S. capital. This includes those working in the U.S. military, federal civil service and within various private companies that are contracted by the federal government.

One of the biggest employers in Alexandria includes the U.S. Department of Defense and the Institute for Defense Analyses. You can even find the United States Patent and Trademark Office here, which moved to Alexandria in 2005.

Alexandria is also home to the historic center, which is referred to as “Old Town”. Here, you can find an assortment of boutiques, antique stores, restaurants and theaters. There’s plenty to do for both visitors and dwellers. A lot of people like to stroll through the streets of Alexandria’s gorgeous neighborhoods. Some also like to jog and ride bikes with their families.

Data shows that Alexandria is the seventh biggest and highest-income independent city in the state, so it’s no surprise that people are naturally attracted here. This could also be due to the various attractions that can be found here, such as the King Street Trolley & Stroll. This can be found in Old Town, and consists of 18th century architectures, such as art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and pubs.

From Mediocre to Glamorous

Granite ASAP was contracted by a realtor in Alexandria who was looking for specific upgrades to be done throughout a home that was for sale. The realtor decided that upgrading the kitchen with beautiful new stone counters would help drive more traffic into the home. Many of the other homes in the neighborhood boasted gorgeous granite and marble counters and backsplashes, so she wanted to have the same done for her property.
Kitchen upgrade

The kitchen in this home was large and had a kitchen island in the middle. There was also a bar inside of the dining area, which also needed counters updated. This was a pretty simple project that didn’t take long at all.

When our experts arrived at the property to take measurements and provide estimates, our contractor noticed that the kitchen sink and bar sink needed to be replaced. This was recommended to the client by the professional, who pointed out the cosmetic flaws in both areas. Since we offer both bar and kitchen sinks at decent prices, the client decided to go through with it.


A Satisfied Home Seller

The completed project was very appealing, so it was no surprise that the client loved the product. She was excited to get the home posted to their real estate website and to popular sites like Zillow, so that it could generate buzz as soon as possible. She started taking photos of the completed work right away and uploaded them to her site. Both the kitchen and the dining area where the bar sat looked amazing.

The home was built in the 60s, so it was outdated in many areas. The realtor decided to slowly make upgrades to the different areas, and the counters and sinks were the final touch. We also threw in a backsplash behind the stove top, which really brought out the beauty in the kitchen design. The colors chosen for the counters and backsplash were brown and cream, which went great with the black cabinetry.

In the dining area, the granite stone used for the bar was dark blue to match the décor in that room.

Completing the Granite Upgrades

This project was a swift one, taking only two days to complete. The first day was spent removing the stone slabs from the kitchen and bar counter, and the next day we came in and installed the granite slabs and backsplash. Our professionals didn’t run into any issues at all.

The granite slabs chosen were from the Caesarstone brand we carry. This brand offers a great selection of different styles and colors to choose from, some of which include apple martini, Amazon green, Baja and Bedrock. The black granite chosen looked great with the black appliances the client installed in the kitchen.

The client was pleased with both the speed and application of our work. Our professionals offer great detail and workmanship, ensuring you get the best quality installation possible.

Upgrading Your Countertops with Stone

Granite ASAP has worked with homeowners and property managers for many years, providing high quality granite stone slabs for their countertop upgrades. This service can be performed for bathroom and kitchen countertops and bar counters. We also provide a great selection of sinks and faucets, which can also be used in these areas.

The brands of sinks and faucets we carry from companies like Kohler and Blanco. We are committed to providing top-notch installations and materials, so that you can be proud of the result. Our services are available for properties throughout the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas.

Our products and services also come with attractive warranties, so that you get more than your money’s worth. The stones we sell are selected by us to ensure the utmost integrity and quality. The stones we offer come from all around the world, and no two slabs are ever the same. It’s a great way to add your own personal touch to a countertop, fireplace mantle, bathroom vanity or backsplash.

If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, then give Granite ASAP a call today!