Top Fresh and Modern Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Try in Ashburn VA

If you’re looking for some kitchen countertop ideas to freshen up your space, you could be feeling a little overwhelmed or stumped. When you find the right kitchen countertop ideas in Ashburn, VA, it can feel like the stars have aligned.

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Whether you’re searching for small kitchen countertop ideas or even outdoor kitchen countertop ideas, there are tons of great options out there. You have to envision your space, the way you want it to be and how it should feel.

For this post, our experts will share their opinions on kitchen countertop ideas that will make your home look incredible. Try on some of these granite kitchen countertop ideas and you can make the best decision of your life.

Waterfall Kitchen Island To Make A Splash

If you are looking for a show stopper for your kitchen, look no further than installing a kitchen island with waterfall granite countertops. This style of kitchen island wraps the granite countertop down to the floor, for a truly impressive look.

Most types of stone countertops work well for a waterfall island, so you can pick one that matches the rest of your kitchen decor. Veiny marble, granite or quartz countertops can have an interesting appearance because it sort of mimics flowing water. You can also choose from different quartz countertop colors in Ashburn, VA that would complement the whole look of your kitchen. 

You can choose a kitchen island with a sink in it to free up some additional space in the rest of your countertop. Of course, you can also gain a fair amount of storage space under your kitchen island, as well as dining space on top.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Ideas In Ashburn, VA

Some people don’t know this, but you can extend your countertop ideas to the great outdoors for when you have cookouts and barbecues. Having some lovely countertops outside gives you a great place for a spread of food or buffet.

You can have an entire outdoor kitchen created on your patio, or you can just create a lovely countertop near your grilling area. Some amazing ideas you can try for outdoor countertops are:

  • Granite countertops to really display the natural beauty of the stone.
  • Outdoor fireplace with a countertop nearby for food and drinks.
  • An outdoor bar area where you can enjoy beverages with your friends and neighbors.

Many countertops are suitable for outdoor use, but you may need to make some extra maintenance efforts to protect them. That way, they will stay as beautiful as the day they were installed for many years of fun memories made outside.

Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Yes, countertops are great places to plop down whatever items you have in your hands or pockets and forget about it. But eventually they can start to lose some of their beauty if you fail to implement some basic kitchen countertops organization ideas.

One thing you want to remember is that an empty countertop is a beautiful and useful space. Get rid of as much clutter as possible, and only keep the things you use frequently on top of your beautiful kitchen countertops.

An appliance garage is a great idea for keeping your medium size kitchen gadgets, instead of displaying them all on your countertops. You can have a special kitchen cabinet made that holds all of your appliances in a hidden away location to keep your countertops free and clear.

If you don’t have the time to do the cleaning and organization, you can always hire professional cleaning and maid services. They can absolutely help you have an organized and well-kept household. 

Black Countertops Can Keep Your Kitchen Mysterious

Many folks could feel like black countertops are too much for their kitchens, but in today’s modern design, black is back. There are plenty of styles of black countertops that you might consider trying to give your kitchen that modern and edgy look.

The countertops, being in the middle of the visual field, can be a great divider, especially with a bold color like black. This helps your eyes to separate the top of the kitchen from the lower half, creating a sort of duality that can be awesome in a modern kitchen.

There are plenty of black stone countertops to choose from, including in marble, granite and quartz if that is what you desire. Some of the black colored stones you might try out in your kitchen are:

  • Black with white veining
  • Black with golden graining
  • Solid black
  • Black with hints of purple and red

Coordinate Your Countertops With Your Kitchen Sink

One kitchen feature you want to pay attention to when choosing the type of kitchen countertops is the sink. The finish you choose for your kitchen sink needs to fit with your countertops, whether they are complementary or contrasting. 

A chrome sink is the standard choice, and it goes well with a white countertop for a light and airy feeling kitchen. There are many people who are choosing creamy white porcelain these days, and that might go best with gray or black countertops.

One wonderful look we’ve been seeing some designers implement this year is to have a matte black sink and faucet with white marble countertops. The matte black really stands out and makes a beautiful statement in kitchens that go that direction.

Kitchen Countertops And Cabinets Go Hand In Hand

You can also base your countertops choices on the design and color of your kitchen cabinets. Countertops are sometimes considered an integral part of the kitchen cabinets, so having these items in harmony goes a long way towards achieving a beautiful kitchen. 

There are some wonderful pairings when it comes to kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. Some of the best ways to coordinate these kitchen fixtures include:

  • White shaker cabinets with black countertops
  • Gray flat cabinets with pearly white countertops
  • Frameless countertops with gray countertops

With some many choices out there, you are sure to find one that fits your style and personality. Your kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets will be a big part of your kitchen, and you want to be sure you enjoy them for the long run. Just make sure that you do all the necessary actions to keep them in pristine condition. One of those is using the safest tile and grout cleaning products. This way, you can maintain the beauty and shine of your countertop without damaging them. 

What Is The Best Kitchen Countertop Material

Each type of countertop has its benefits and all of them can serve you well for many years or decades. Some of the best features of different countertops include:

  • Marble – These are a timeless stone that has been featured in architecture for thousands of years for its natural beauty.
  • Granite – This is one of the hardest natural stone countertop materials, so it won’t scratch or break.
  • Quartz – This stone imitation is made from crushed rocks and resin which is antimicrobial, therefore easy to keep clean.
  • Polished concrete – This can be tinted to many colors and looks amazing in modern design.

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