How Natural Stones Enhance Home Value

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How Natural Stones Enhance Home Value

Natural stones for home use have been a popular choice for many decades. Back in the day, granite or marble slabs were too expensive for common folk, so you would see them mostly in the homes of the rich and in commercial buildings. With advances in technology, however, they have become much more accessible to many people. They are still more expensive than most other materials for kitchen countertops of floors, but they enhance home value more as well. Here are some ways natural stones enhance home value.


kitchen with marble countersMarble is undeniably beautiful and elegant, its delicate patina associated with gracious living. Any home with marble floors or countertops is sure to appeal to anyone with any sense of esthetics. Granite stones are also beautiful, but in a more robust fashion, The color range for granite is much wider that for marble, going from the lightest to darkest shades, from blue to red and everything in between. More importantly, the composition and formation of granite produces some fantastic patterns that will make any home unique.


kitchen with richly patterned granite countersInterior designers love to work with granite because it opens up a whole range of creative possibilities in terms of color and texture combinations. A richly patterned granite slab can inspire from traditional to the most contemporary look in equal measure. No matter the personality of the homeowner, granite can fit the bill with a little tweaking.

Natural stones also play well with other materials. You can use it right alongside wood or concrete, ceramic tiles, and stainless steel. It brings out the best in any of these materials in looks and function.
You can also use granite for more than countertops. They make great flooring, fireplace surrounds, hearths, and mantles, bathroom vanities, walls, wall cladding, and backsplashes. You can put it in any room in the house and it will fit right in. You can even use it outdoors without fear of fading, which is a problem for many engineered stones.


granite slabs Natural stones are porous to some extent, so some people believe they damage easily. The fact is natural stones are very durable. They are not easy to break or damage with normal use. Even marble, which is a relatively soft stone, will last for many years with reasonable care. Granite is particularly durable, registering 6 in the Mohs hardness scale, mostly due to its quartz component and formation under great heat and pressure. Some granite slabs are even harder, mainly because they are not true granite, but granitoids such as basalt or gabbro.

As a rule of thumb, lighter and darker granites are not true granites. True granite tends to be in the brown, yellow and pink range. The good news is there is no significant difference between true granite and granitoids for homeowners.
Because it is so durable, natural stones will last much longer than most other materials, and actually looks better as it ages. This is particularly true for marble. They enhance the value of the home immediately after kitchen remodeling and over time.


granite counter or floor showing different patternsThere was a time when natural stones were the top pick of interior designers. That is no longer the case due to the emergence of engineered stones, which designers could order on demand, and the trend towards contemporary kitchen designs. However, natural stones are still popular because each slab is unique. Because they form naturally, no two slabs will look exactly alike, even if they come from the same block. Homeowners that want to avoid the cookie-cutter look gravitate to natural stones for this reason, and homebuyers appreciate it as well. After all, the contemporary look will only start to look dated after a while unless it has classic features, such as natural stone countertops.

Value over time

traditional kitchen with stone counters and floors)

Natural stones only improve over time, which is an important factor in its appeal and popularity. People take great pains to keep their homes in good condition so that they can pass it on, but they do not have to do that for natural stones. It makes practical sense to put natural stones in key areas in the home, such as kitchen and bathrooms, because it can enhance home value in an organic way. They will remain in good condition with little or no major maintenance much longer than anything in the home will. Natural stones are simply good investments for enhancing home value, so consider the factors above on your next kitchen remodeling or other renovation project.

Installing natural stone in the home is not an easy task, however. It requires a particular set of skills and knowledge to do it right. You need a reliable contractor and fabricator to carry out your project goals successfully, and you can do no better than Granite ASAP.
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