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Updating the décor in your home is a great way to improve its value and comfort. For a lot of homeowners, this is the way they enhance their quality of living. And then those looking to sell their properties also do the same.

There are various ways you can improve the functionality and look of your home. One method that continues to remain popular is updating the countertops.

While there are various types of countertop materials to choose from, marble continues to be a sought-after choice. If you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathrooms with beautiful quartz stone, then make sure to hire a reputable contractor.

Why Granite ASAP for Quartz

Before you begin your search for knowledgeable contractors to install your countertops, you first must locate a quality supplier of quartz. Quartz stones are crafted by various manufacturers, but not all are created equal.

At Granite ASAP, not only do we install quartz countertops, but we also sell quartz slabs. These are available to be seen in person at our showroom. You can hand select the exact slab you want installed into your home.

Then you can have our licensed professionals fabricate the stone slab to fit your counters and bathroom vanities perfectly. Our contractors are skilled craftsman and we have a track record to prove it.

The stone slabs we sell and install come from the best quartz companies in the industry. So, if you’re looking for the best quality counters for your home, then Granite ASAP is the contractor to call.

Quartz Uses and Ideas

Quartz is an engineered stone, so it offers the best of both worlds – natural beauty and endurance. A lot of our customers boast about the longevity of the countertops we install into their homes. This is because quartz is engineered using resin, which acts like a sealant.

It helps to keep the quartz slabs in good condition for a very long time. The surface is nonporous which makes it difficult to stain. Then you can find quartz in a variety of colors. It is manufactured using pigments, which give it it’s varying color options.

One popular place homeowners install quartz into is the kitchen. This can be used for the counters, kitchen islands and backsplash. The durability of quartz makes it the perfect addition to kitchens. Since it’s nonporous, this means you can cook and prep foods without worries of food and liquid spills.

And since there are no stains to worry about, the maintenance of quartz counters is rather simple. Then there’s the fact that it’s burn-resistant. This makes it a great companion for baking. Hot pots and pans can rest on top of quartz counters without searing the surface.

Many homeowners also like the fact quartz stone isn’t easily scratched. This further proves its ability to withstand a kitchen setting. No worries about scratches caused by your knives when chopping and dicing foods right on the surface.

But the kitchen isn’t the only place where you can have quartz stone installed. You can also have it installed in your bathroom. This is the second most popular area you’ll find quartz. Its durability makes it the right choice for bathrooms. It’s heat resistance is ideal for surviving hot curlers and other hot styling products.

Some folks opt to have quartz installed for their fireplace mantles and surrounds, as well as their floors.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Anyone who’s lived in a home with low-quality counters know the nuisance it causes. A low-end material, such as vinyl or laminate doesn’t last very long, which means you’ll end up dishing out more money over the long-term.

Look at it like this, paying for a cheap counter now and then paying to replace it every few years will cost you a whole lot more in the span of a decade. That’s compared to investing in a quality quartz countertop that lasts you at least a decade.

So, the investment in a quartz counter helps to save you money and a headache. Plus, it improves the functionality of your kitchen, now that you can chop and bake without worries of damaging your countertop.

The comfort of knowing you can do what you need to do in the kitchen without issues gives homeowners peace of mind. Then the maintenance plan for quartz counters is simple.

How to Clean Quartz Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

You only need a few supplies to keep your quartz countertop looking amazing. It’s important to wipe down the counters daily. This alone can keep the surface beautiful, however some experts say you should do a deeper general cleaning regularly.

This requires a nonabrasive surface cleaner. Just spray a generous amount over the countertop and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Then wipe it up using a soft non-scratch sponge.

You never want to apply abrasives, acidic or alkaline cleaners on to the surface. This can cause the bonds to disintegrate, separating the quartz from the resin. So, stay away from dishwasher rinsing agents, oven cleaners, nail polish remover, drain cleaner and turpentine.

Who We Partner With

At Granite ASAP, we take pride in all of the products we offer to our customers. This includes our grand selection of quartz countertops. The slabs we have on stock come from leading manufacturers in the industry, which include MSI, Cambria, Silestone, Zodiaq and Caesarstone.

Anyone who’s looking for a quality slab for their counters should consider purchasing the quartz sold by Granite ASAP.

Upgrade Your Countertops Today

Now that you have more understanding of the true beauty of quartz, you may be ready to have your countertops upgraded using this material. If so, ensure you hire the experts at Granite ASAP. 

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