Three Reasons to Choose Marble Countertops

marble kitchen countertops

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Homeowners today have a multitude of options when it comes to kitchen countertops. The top choices are quartz stone and granite because of the wide range of colors and durability. However, they are far from the only ones. Other options range from the cheapest, laminate, to the most expensive, enameled lava stone. Marble is also a popular choice, but less so in recent times because people think it requires a lot of care and maintenance.

This is ironic, as marble countertops were one of the things that people aspired to have in their homes back in the day. Marble was a status symbol of wealth and privilege for centuries, when it was too expensive for common folk.

That said, homeowners today should really consider marble countertops for their kitchens.  They might find that they are well worth it. Here are three reasons to choose marble countertops.

Unquestionable loveliness

No one disputes that marble is exquisitely beautiful. It is a natural stone, but the delicate colors and subtle patterns make it seem rather softer than it is.  The mellow patina natural to marble has a depth and richness to it that no other stone, natural or man-made, has ever been able to duplicate. The unique appearance of marble is due mainly to its composition and formation.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it was originally one type of rock, and then turned into another type over time. Marble is not the only type of metamorphic rock.  Other examples of metamorphic rocks include quartzite, gneiss, serpentinite, and slate.

The original rock, or protolith, that will eventually produce marble is typically calcite or dolomite. These tend to be on the white side, composed primarily of carbonate minerals, which is why marble also tends to be white. The protolith breaks down and recrystallizes to form marble. The patina of marble results from the extreme heat and pressure under which the carbonate crystals formed.

In the process of reforming, other minerals may also be present, which would result in the subtle veining distinct to marble. If there are no impurities at all, the result is a very rare pure white marble. If there is a significant amount of non-carbonate minerals, the color of the marble will change to other than white, including black as evidenced in Nero Marquina marble.

Demonstrated toughness

Marble is softer than some other types of dimension stone such as granite, which is why it was the favorite material of sculptors. However, the softness is relative, as marble is still a rock that formed slowly over extreme conditions, so it is quite durable.

It is only necessary to look at the statues and buildings made of marble that have stood the test of time for centuries to know that marble is one tough cookie. Marble also stands up well to the elements, taking very little hurt to prolonged exposure to sun, wind, and rain.  In many cases, it looks even better over time, as it develops a sheen that gives it a glow not present in newly quarried marble.

White it is true marble scratches easily, and even mild acids such as fruit juices etch the stone, the damage is superficial. The stone itself remains intact, and will not easily break or crack under normal circumstances. .

That said, you do need to take reasonable care of marble countertops to avoid the annoyance of scratches, stains, and etches. It is slightly porous, so you will need to apply impregnating sealer occasionally to protect it from liquids. Other than that, cleaning and maintaining marble is largely routine and a matter of common sense.

Relatively affordable

Marble is not dirt cheap, but neither is it ruinously expensive. In terms of price per square foot, everything else being equal, it is about as expensive as granite, cheaper than quartz or high-end concrete countertops, and more expensive than laminate.

In terms of return of investment, however, you can expect your marble countertops to last much longer than laminate, and perhaps even concrete or quartz countertops. Granite is probably its only rival when it comes to long-term durability.

Additionally, people tend to have a good impression of homes that has marble countertops, and such homes tend to be valued higher consequently. If you plan to sell your home, marble countertops can probably boost your sale price considerably, even if you have had them for years. Provided, of course, you take reasonable care of them, of course.

Finally, you can safely use marble outdoors as countertops or other working or decorative surface. It will not fade under the sun like quartz, and it will not crack with exposure to extreme temperatures.


Marble might have some issues when used as kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops, but these are all minor inconveniences. All you have to do is exercise reasonable to keep your marble surfaces in good heart, and you can reap the benefits of its beauty, durability, and value in your home for many years to come.

However, you can ensure you get the best value for your money if you get your marble countertops from a reliable supplier, and have them fabricate and install them for you. You can do no better than Granite ASAP.

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