Tips for Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials

Tips for Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials

The traditional choice of having one material for your modern kitchen countertop is finally over. Eliminate that boredom by marrying two or more different types of kitchen countertops for your affordable kitchen renovation.

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If you think it is difficult, then think again for we have here the best tips here to make the fusion process quick and easy. Together, we will uncover how to efficiently pair up various materials for your best kitchen countertop.

Color Balance

The old principle of yin and yang still applies to kitchen renovation, that is, creating a balance of its color. Typically, you can mix two countertop materials but of the opposite color tone, that is light and dark.

For instance, you can have the cool section of your kitchen in white quartz countertop while the hot section will be black granite countertops. The latter is a better choice for a hot kitchen because granite has a great tolerance for hot objects.

Harmonious Blend of Patterns

This tip comes quite challenging when you are trying to marry natural and engineered stone countertops. Why? For instance, granite and marble natural stones have an innate random pattern on its surface which is quite challenging to match with any synthetic stone countertops.

When you are planning to marry two types of countertops, be sure that their patterns do not fight with each other. There must be a smooth transition between the pattern of the first material to the second one.

Color Match Up with Cabinetry

To create a smooth and professional curb appeal in your kitchen redo, the color of your kitchen countertops must match up with your cabinetry. If your kitchen cabinets are rustic brown in color, then you can have granite and marble countertops with specks of brown or gold color.

Nevertheless, engineered stones can be customized to match the color and pattern of your cabinetry. Butcher blocks are a good choice as well when you have hardwood shaker style cabinets.

Consider Price Balance

If you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy the lucrative beauty of natural stone and pair that up with cheaper material. For instance, you want to install precious marble countertops but cannot afford to have the entire kitchen countertop in marble. The best solution is getting that marble slab on a minimum then having the rest in laminates or wood countertops.

For laminates, make sure to choose those with color and pattern that pair up with the design of your custom marble kitchen countertop. Price and your budget will oftentimes dictate the flow of your kitchen redo.

Marrying Industrial and Natural Appeal

Stainless steel and concrete kitchen countertops project an industrial flair in your kitchen space. You can have either of this material to exhibit your desired industrial theme. There are excellent durability and versatility in design and function for these materials.

Meanwhile, to still inject the fancy natural appeal in your kitchen, go for marble, granite, quartz or other stone kitchen countertops. You will never be bored from the stunning and dramatic patterns of these stone countertops.

Colorful Laminates Paired with Industrial Theme

For modern kitchen remodeling on a budget, you can opt for colorful laminate kitchen countertops. They have reliable strength because it is made from layers of plywood or medium fiberboard.

To have a flair of industrial modern theme, then install stainless steel kitchen countertops. It is easy to clean and requires zero sealing maintenance. Moreover, it increases the brightness in your small kitchen with its reflective surface.


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