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When it comes to home remodeling, most clients would go for granite kitchen countertops and granite bathroom countertops. They offer impervious strength against chips and scratches while having that stunning beauty.

For those first-timers with granite countertop installation, it would never be a walk in the park. There are several designs and granite countertop colors to choose from in the market. Likewise, you have other essential features to consider for the fabrication and installation process.

To make it smoother on your part, we have here some practical and effective tips that you can adapt when choosing expensive and cheap granite countertops.

Know the Basics

Your granite kitchen countertops are made from porous igneous rocks which is literally hardened and cooled magma. It is a green material sourced naturally from the environment. It has an exemplary hardness which resists scratches, dents, and cuts.

In terms of aesthetics, there are limited design options for this natural stone but its authentic beauty and veining is quite fascinating for most remodelers and homeowners. Compared to marble, slab or granite tile countertop have finer veinings with various specks of colors such as pink, red, green, and more.

In the industry, the greatest rival of granite is quartz. There is a close competition between these two minerals as both are of high-value in the market. Likewise, they both increase the overall value of your home.

Measure Your Overall Demand for Granite Countertops

To save on cost and minimize error, you need to measure how much granite slab you need to buy for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Oftentimes, slab and granite tile countertops are sold per square foot, so you need to measure your countertop, vanity tops, backsplash, walls, and island in feet.

Add up all area measurements in square foot, and that serves as your estimate demand for your granite countertop installation. However, you need to ask to consider allowances in your measurements. These allowances will go for the seams, sink installation, and overhang measurements. It is best to talk to the salesperson and ask for his advice on how much allowance you need to have for your remodeling project.

Granite Slab Thickness

Aside from having a unit cost per square foot, the thickness of your granite slab affects its price. Its thickness can vary from one to three inches, where a three-inch-thick slab is more expensive than its thinner counterpart.

Choose the Right Color for Granite Countertop Installation

When choosing granite countertop colors, you need to consider the color of your cabinets. They must match up and complement each other to create a smooth and elegant appearance. Rule of thumb, choose your granite countertop color which matches up with your kitchen or vanity cabinets but with darker veining color.

Here are some typical color combinations for cabinets and granite kitchen countertops.

  • Dark or Rustic brown cabinets – Green granite countertops
  • Reddish pink cabinets – White or Beige granite countertops
  • Oak color cabinets – Black granite countertops
  • Light-brown cabinets – White or Beige granite countertops

When to go for light or dark-colored granite countertops

Most modern kitchens and bathrooms today have light-colored granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. It adds better vibrancy and modern appearance for your home.

Meanwhile, if your kitchen and bathroom space is small, go for a lighter tone granite countertop. This increases visual appearance making your small space larger. Likewise, it promotes an airy feeling that soothes your senses and prevents the feeling of being in a cave.

In contrast, dark-colored granite countertops are the best choice to achieve a dramatic ambiance. Likewise, when your cabinetry is painted with pastel or light colors, dark-toned granite countertops provide a great contrasting effect. Likewise, your counter becomes the focal point in your kitchen and bathroom.

Choose the Right Pattern – Solid, Marbled, or Speckled

We are done with granite countertop colors, now let us go for choosing the right pattern in your granite slabs. In the market, you have three main options – marbled, solid, and speckled.

Solid granite slabs suit best for small kitchen and bathroom space. It provides a harmonious and spontaneous flow of color and design which makes your space seem larger.

Marbled granite slabs mimic the appearance and veinings of marble natural stones. There are bolder veinings and more consistency with color. It exhibits a smooth transition of varying color and texture in your slab.

Meanwhile, a speckled granite slab is the best choice when you want to have an excellent accent in your granite bathroom and kitchen countertops. It blends well with any metallic surfaces from appliances and fixtures.

Choose the Right Granite Countertop Edge

There are different edge styles to choose from for your granite countertops. Some of the best choices include beveled, bullnose, square-edge, and round. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us so you can talk to one of our stone specialists.

Further, you can also choose between having honed or polished texture for your granite countertop. A honed finish prevents direct visibility of scratches from your countertop surface.

Meanwhile, a polished finish reduces your cleaning and maintenance to get that smooth and glossy appearance of your granite kitchen countertops. Most granite bathroom countertops have a polished finish to increase anti-stain properties.

If you plan to have an outdoor countertop, choose a polished finish to increase its resistance against moisture, staining, and easier cleaning process.

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