Tips for Matching Kitchen Countertops to Kitchen Colors

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The kitchen is the first thing would-be homebuyers will look at when considering a purchase. If you are hoping to get a great price for your home, you should do what you can to make your kitchen look as appealing as possible. One of the ways to do this is with eye-catching kitchen countertops.

Upgrading your kitchen countertops is actually the most affordable thing you can do by way of a kitchen upgrade in terms of increasing your home’s value. If you cannot afford to do a complete kitchen upgrade, you don’t need one, or you don’t want the hassle. You can simply upgrade your kitchen countertops. Some experts say that you can get back as much as you put in terms of value added with new kitchen countertops. Since natural stone countertops use up an average of just 10% of a typical kitchen remodeling budget, as opposed to up to 50% for new cabinets, upgrading your countertops is the best choice hands down.

That said, you could still make more out of your investment by matching your kitchen countertops to the existing color scheme. The right countertops can really make your entire kitchen pop, and help seal the deal with prospective buyers. Here are some broad-stroke suggestions for you.

Granite goes with anything

granite kitchen countertopsHave you ever wondered why granite countertops are so prevalent in modern kitchens? Actually, there are many reasons why granite continues to be the most popular choice for homeowners, but for the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on one very good reason: colors. Granite is very versatile in the matching colors category. It comes in a wide variety of colors guaranteed to be a good match for most kitchen colors. The same can be said for quartz countertops, but many people still prefer natural stones to engineered stones for their kitchens.

There is only one caveat when choosing granite for your kitchen. As a rule of thumb, you should choose dark-colored ones when the kitchen receives a fair amount of light. Dark granite tends to appear cold and impersonal in ill-lit kitchens. With the right light, your dark granite will look fantastic. If you have a kitchen with white appliances, you can choose light neutral granite such as beige or brown to provide a backdrop for them. Take note that you can choose the same color granite for countertops and backsplashes, or choose complementary colors for a better contrast. Opposites will work in kitchens with a predominantly neutral color.

Quartz countertops work with cabinets

kitchen with light quartz counters with dark cabinetsThe one advantage of quartz countertops over granite when it comes to looks is consistency. Quartz stone slabs of the same model are uniform in color and pattern because it is an engineered stone. You can rely on this consistency, which can make it easier to match with hardwood cabinets. Hardwood cabinet grains also tend to be a bit unpredictable, so you want to offset this variety with consistency. Light quartz countertops look particularly fantastic with dark stain hardwood cabinets. Light colored kitchen countertops brighten up the kitchen, making the dark cabinets look warm and appealing instead of gloomy and brooding. When choosing the color for the quartz countertops, make sure you also tie in the color of the floor, walls, and appliances.

Marble countertops work with black or white kitchens

black kitchen with marble counters
Less versatile than granite or quartz countertops. But definitely much more elegant, marble countertops can lift your white or black kitchen out of the ordinary. The delicate patina of marble brings out the best in white and black kitchen colors, imparting a look of luxury that is very difficult to duplicate with any other countertop material.

Marble is not exactly a workhorse material, which is why some people shy away from it for their kitchen countertops. However, marble is tougher than it looks, and with reasonable care, can last for many decades. It also ages well, so that’s a big plus for any potential homebuyer.

Combinations for a modern kitchen

kitchen with butcher block island and granite main counters
The great thing about natural stone countertops is they play well with other natural materials. Wood is particularly a good companion for natural stone. If you have a rustic theme to your kitchen, you can choose to combine wood with granite or marble for your workspaces. You can choose wood for your kitchen island as a butcher block, and natural stone for your main countertops for other functions. Choose granite to go with light-colored hardwood, and marble for dark-colored wood species.


Improving your kitchen often means simply switching out one element that will completely change the look for the better. Matching kitchen countertops with the overall color theme is an excellent and cost-effective way to make your kitchen more attractive, and your home more appealing to potential homebuyers. To make a success of this endeavor, consult with a reliable countertop specialist. Granite ASAP is there for you.

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