Types of Granite You Can Consider for Kitchen Countertops

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Types of Granite You Can Consider for Kitchen Countertops

Many homeowners still prefer granite countertop, although the top pick for kitchen countertops is now quartz. This persistence might be due to the uniqueness of granite, or alternately, because it is a natural stone. At any rate, those still loyal to granite certainly have about as many options in terms of color and design with granite as they would have with quartz stone. It is simply a matter of choosing the best one for their kitchens. It is important to note that when you choose granite, you should make sure to check actual slabs before making your choice. Granite is a natural stone, so there are great variations within a slab. A sample is seldom an accurate representation of the slab. In addition, no two slabs are alike, so a visit to the slab warehouse is crucial to ensure you get what you expect. That said, some granite slabs are more common than others are. These are your basic grays, browns, and other neutral combinations. While this makes it easier to match it to any style of kitchen, it is a missed opportunity to make a statement in the kitchen. If you are feeling adventurous, here are some types of granite you can consider when choosing your kitchen countertops.

Silver Gold

Silver Gold granite countertop Silver Gold granite, sometimes caked Golden Silver or Gold and Silver granite (you get the picture), is rather unusual yellow granite with white and gray striations that comes out of Brazil. The description does not sound dramatic at all, but the colors are much more vibrant in reality. It looks very striking in perimeter countertops and kitchen islands when spot or under cabinet lighting picks out the silver streaks. Some Silver Gold granite have a profusion of white to such an extent that it appears more like white granite than yellow, but it is not. Silver Gold granite is an excellent choice if your color palette allows for such striking yellow, and the streaks make it easy for fabricators to join two slabs seamlessly.

Arctic Gold

Golden Arctic granite countertop Arctic Gold granite also goes by the name of Golden Arctic, and is white granite with a profusion of amber, brown, and black streaks and speckles. Found primarily in Brazil, it is richly colored granite and stands out because of the white background. You can use this granite for outdoor kitchens, but it looks best indoors, where it imparts a warmth and brightness. Because it is such a striking stone, it tends to attract a lot of attention in the kitchen. These countertops will look good in both contemporary and traditional kitchens, and plays well with metal and wood elements. Arctic Gold granite appears to advantage in a wide range of finishes, from polished to sandblast. Your choice will depend on whether you are going to use it indoors or outdoors.

Baltic Blue

Baltic blue granite countertops The name of this stone already prepares you for a stunning stone. Baltic Blue granite comes out of Finland, and has large brown spots and gray veins nestled against an intense blue background. It is not actually true granite, but probably a type of monzonite or Anorthosite. Both are igneous rocks sharing many characteristics of granite, which is why it is often sold as granite. The intensity of the blue and other colors will depend on the type of mineral that gives it its color. In most cases, the blue comes from labradorite, while the other colors are some type of feldspar. You will see wide variations in the appearance of Baltic Blue granite, ranging from a light blue with mostly thin veins of brown, black, and gray to a very dark blue with large splotches of brown. Baltic Blue granite countertops will definitely be a showstopper, whether used indoors or outdoors. In many cases, homeowners choosing this type of stone for their kitchen countertops use it as the inspiration for the color palette of the kitchen.


Cosmic Black granite countertop Most popularly known as Cosmic Black or Asterix granite, this type of granites comes out of Italy, South Africa, Brazil, and Spain. It has a very dark gray and black base shot with streaks of white, amber, and burgundy. A stunningly beautiful stone looks awesome as kitchen countertops in modern and contemporary kitchens. It is also an excellent choice for bathroom vanity tops, fireplace and bathtub surrounds, and flooring. The dark background makes it easy to make the seams look almost invisible. Saturnia is a dramatic stone, but looks well with most appliances and hardware. Saturnia is not actually true granite, but a gneiss, a phyllite rock that has many of the characteristics of granite without being an igneous rock. It is a metamorphic rock with slate as the protolith, or original stone, which gives it its deep black color. Several minerals is also found in Saturnia, including quartz.

Golden Matisse

Giallo Matisse granite countertop Golden Matisse also goes by the name of Giallo Matisse and Amarelo Matisse. It comes out of Brazil, and is yellow granite with large streaks and swirls of grey. The fascinating thing about this type of granite is the illusion of actual movement, which makes it an interesting addition to any kitchen. Some people feel that the rather strong yellow of Golden Matisse limits its use in many kitchens. However, if you are looking to something that your guests will talk about, it is a good choice for your home.


Granite countertops are always going to be a good idea for today’s kitchen. If you are planning to put them in your kitchen, you might want to choose one of the more exotic granite types. The granite types above are just some that might be available in your area. To check what hidden treasures may be waiting for you, visit the showroom of a reputable countertop supplier in your area. Granite ASAP is there for you if you are in the state of Virginia, including the cities of Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Chantilly, Herndon, Centreville, Tysons, and Washington DC. We offer free estimates and quotes for any of your kitchen countertop and remodeling needs. We carry a wide range of natural stone slabs as well as the best engineered stone brands in the country. Over 100 colors of granite and marble slabs are available for inspection at our Chantilly, Virginia showroom. If you prefer engineered stone, we can offer you products from the Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and MSI brands, each one carrying the manufacturer’s warranty. You can choose what you want and we will deliver it ASAP! Feel free to ask any questions over the phone, or get in touch using our contact form today!