Types of Marble Countertops for Kitchens and Bathrooms

marble kitchen countertops

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Many homeowners still believe marble countertops are the epitome in luxury and elegance, despite the issues associated with it that make them rather impractical for use in the kitchen. Marble continues to be a top option when it comes to kitchen countertops.

If you are on the fence on this, you might be interested to know that marble actually comes in many more colors than most people know. While white is the most popular choice, you can also have the option to choose from a range of pure white to a spectacular black. These include very pale blues and pinks, greens, reddish pinks, blue-grays, blue-blacks, and blacks, so it can go with many types of décor.

Aside from color, marble also comes in a many types of grains and vein patterns. Because some of these distinguishing features are very subtle, many people do not even notice it. Despite this, it has a considerable effect on the ambiance of the room.

The marble you choose for your kitchen countertops will determine the overall look of your kitchen. If you are not sure what type of marble will best suit your needs and wants, this brief description of some popular marble types might be of some help.


Carrara marble countertop

The most common type of marble you are likely to see in kitchens is Carrara marble, which people use for walls and tiles as well as kitchen countertops. Carrara marble comes mostly from the Carrara region in Italy, although some exporters source it from Tuscany.

Most commercially available Carrara marble is white, but you might also seem slabs in gray or blue-gray. Carrara marble is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens because it has a clean look with a subtle drama with its fine or feathery soft veins arranged in linear patterns. For an even cleaner look, choose pure white Carrara marble.


Statuary marble countertop

Statuary Classic marble is similar to Carrara marble in many ways, and many people mistake one for the other. It also comes from Carrara, Italy, so that is no help. However, Statuary Classic has a very different overall effect because it has a more ephemeral look. It has a translucent rather than solid white color, which makes the darker veins almost seem to float.  As a result, it tends to reflect light more, and feels glossy by default.


Calacatta marble countertop

Calacatta marble is almost as popular as Carrara marble, but it is much rarer and more expensive. Both are white marbles that come from the Carrara region in Italy, but Calacatta marble comes mostly from the Apuan Mountains. You can distinguish it from Carrara marble by its veins, which are thicker, darker, and might be dark gray or gold.

Calacatta marble is a very dramatic stone, which makes it a favorite with interior designers.  This is especially true for slabs with gold veins and streaks, imparting a warm or cool ambiance to the room, depending on the color combinations.

Crema Marfil marble

Crema Marfil marble countertop

If you want colored marble, a good option is Crema Marfil sourced from Spain. The color ranges from light beige to yellow, typically with irregular patterns of veining. Since the marble colors are neutral, they go well with most color palettes, but look particularly well with dark cabinets.

You will find Crema Marfil marble in many homes, and not only as kitchen countertops. They look well on walls, floors, and fireplaces.

Nero Marquina marble

Nero Marquina marble countertop

Black marble really does exist, and it is not even very rare. Marble is a metamorphosed rock from limestone or dolomite, both of which are white. This is the reason the most common color for marble is white. However, impurities in the protolith or mother stone can result in variations in color, and that includes black.

The most popular type of black marble is Nero Marquina, which comes from the Marquina region in the Basque Country, Spain.  Also known as Marmol Negro, this marble has an intense black color streaked with veins of pure white. In some cases, the streaks or veins can be quite extensive, nearly overwhelming the black.

Nero Marquina is a beautiful, dramatic stone, and much in demand with many homeowners in Spain as well as the US. It is the perfect choice for countertops in black-and-white kitchens as well as bathrooms, and its fine grain and quality makes it a favorite for many designers and homeowners.


Marble countertops can make any kitchen look elegant, and the many types of marble available mean they will match almost any design. As a bonus, marble countertops are comparatively affordable even as they make any room they are in look first class. If you are still on the fence on the beauty and elegance of marble countertops, head on over to the showroom of your local countertop specialist and check out the marble slabs.

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