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The homeowners of Great Falls, Virginia deserve to have access to high-quality counters for their homes. Your kitchen and bathroom should be made with a high-grade material, such as natural or engineered stone.

But where should you purchase these countertops from? For one, you need to find a local and reputable contractor that both sells and installs the countertops in your home. This is exactly what the professionals do at Granite ASAP.

Many of our customers find us using the web. This is a great place to search around for companies and reviews on those companies from real past customers. Then once you do your due diligence, you can rest assured knowing you picked the right contractor.

The services we offer to Great Falls, VA homeowners are high quality and reasonably priced. This provides them with the best of both worlds – a great product at a great rate. You don’t find that a lot, especially with all the mediocre contractors and countertops on the market.

At Granite ASAP, we take pride in the counters we fabricate and the installation services we provide. Therefore, we’ve grown to become a known and trusted countertop contractor in Great Falls. Many of our Great Falls customers state that our services are the best in town.

Kitchen Countertops Great Falls

Why stick with a countertop that’s low grade when you can update them with beautiful stones? Many of the counters installed into homes today are made with vinyl, laminate and other cheaper materials that don’t last a very long time.

This can be problematic for folks who like to cook often or who like to entertain guests. In this case, you want a countertop that will be able to withstand the different tasks you perform here. And you want them to look good always.

With granite, marble and quartz, you can have kitchen counters that look amazing for a long time to come. When you update your countertops, you are improving your quality of life in the kitchen. Plus, you’re increasing the value of this space.

That’s always great news if you’re considering selling your home in the future.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Great Falls

The vanity tops you have in your bathroom should be constructed using materials that are high quality. This will ensure your counters are able to withstand whatever you throw its way. For instance, setting hot curlers on the surface or spilling cosmetics onto the countertop.

If this can lead to burns and stains, then it’s time to upgrade your counters to something more durable. Great options include engineered and natural stones, such as granite, marble and quartz.

The bathrooms are an important area of the home when it comes to décor and functionality. When you have beautiful and strong counters, you have an investment that’ll give you a great return. Long-lasting counters means you won’t have to update them anytime soon.

And if you end up putting your home on the market, it will attract more home buyers.

Granite Countertops Great Falls

Granite stone counters continue to be one of the most popularly installed product for homes throughout the US. This speaks volumes for the durability and beauty they offer. The stone slabs we have available at Great Falls all derive from high-end brands, such as Cambria, Silestone and Caesarstone.

With granite, you’re getting a timepiece that’ll last for many years. It’s not dated, so it will likely be in style for many more decades. It showcases style and great taste for the rooms they’re placed in. Therefore, you’ll find them in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite comes in a wide array of color options as well, so plenty to choose from!

Marble Countertops Great Falls

The marble slabs available on the market also come in an array of colors. This makes it a great pick for your kitchens and bathrooms. Marble stone is a naturally occurring substance that is mined from the caves of India and Brazil, among other places.

Marble has for a long time been associated with luxury and fashion. If you’re trying to impress guests and improve the functionality of your home, then marble counters are ideal.

Quartz Countertops Great Falls

Out of the three, quartz is the stone that’s engineered. However, it still has a natural stone appearance. So, this in a sense provides you with the best of both worlds. It’s ultra-durable, which means you don’t have to seal it. Not like with the natural options, such as granite and marble.

Quartz also comes in a wide range of colors and styles. Thanks to the pigments that are engineered into the stone. So, in a way, you can almost get any color you want.

Customer Says

I’ve always had a thing for marble countertops. So, I knew one day when I purchased a home, I would have them installed throughout my home. And when the day finally came, I did just that. My husband and I purchased a home in Great Falls six months prior to the installation. I set out on a deep search looking for a seller of quality marble.

I heard horror stories about stones being low-grade and easily cracking. When I found Granite ASAP, I was thrilled. I was referred to them by a cousin. I was able to hand select the slab I wanted and was given a 3D design.

The actual outcome was a real delight!

About Great Falls

The city of Great Falls is a Fairfax County community found in Virginia. Back in 2011, it was listed as the top earning town in America by CNNMoney. To this day, it is still a desirable place to live, work and play.

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The contractors at Granite ASAP are all licensed, bonded and insured. We have many years of experience in fabricating and installing high-end stone countertops in Great Falls. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your countertop installation!

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