16 Interesting Facts about Quartz Countertops

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Quartz countertops are really making waves in the home remodeling industry, and show no signs of abating. Some experts claim that it is more popular than granite countertops. However, many homeowners have no more than the vaguest idea about quartz countertops.

Here are 16 interesting facts about quartz countertops

quartz mineral
1. Quartz countertops are not natural stone countertops. Quartz occurs in nature, but quartz countertops are actually manmade using an amalgamation of quartz dust, stones, chips, resin, and pigment.

2. Quartz slabs used for countertops are just one type of engineered stone. Popular engineered quartz brands use a minimum of 90% quartz materials, but that is not requirement for classification as engineered stone. Some engineered stones have no quartz at all.

3. Quartz countertopsnn are more durable than either granite or marble countertops because they contain at least 90% quartz. At most, granite has about 60% quartz content. Marble contains no quartz at all.

4. Quartz is an extremely hard mineral, rating 7 in the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds rate a 10). Granite rates 6, at best. This is why quartz is favored as the main component for engineered stones used as kitchen and bathroom countertops.

5. All engineered stones use the patented Bretonstone technology. Brand such as Silestone, Cambria, MSI, and Caesarstone have a license to use the technology from the Italian company Breton S.p.A., About 50 companies have such a license, but just a handful use 90% or more quartz in their manufacture.
Bretonstone process

6. Because it is manmade, manufacturers can make engineered quartz in any color, and can make it look like any type of natural stone. They usually go for the popular ones, such as granite and marble, but new styles come out all the time.

7. Quartz countertops are non-porous, which is why many homeowners like it for their kitchens and bathroom. It is also stain- and scratch resistant, so it practically needs no maintenance. You only need mild soap and water to keep it clean, and you should have no problems.

8. You do not need to seal quartz countertops. In fact, you should not apply any type of sealer or coating on quartz stone at all. The material will not absorb the sealer because there are no pores, so the sealer will simply dry on the surface, leaving it looking dull.

9. Quartz countertops are not heat resistant. The resin and pigments mixed into the material can react to the presence of high heat, such as that from a hot pan, leaving behind some color damage. The countertop is intact, but it will not look very pretty.

10. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can make the colors of quartz stone fade, especially if they are dark. Avoid exposing any part of your kitchen countertops to direct sunlight, such as through the window. If this is not possible, or you want to use quartz stone for your outdoor kitchen, choose a light colored stone.

11. No two brands of quartz countertops will have exactly the same color and pattern. Each brand will have a unique take on the color, composition, and look to their slabs.
quartz stone designs

12. Quartz stone is considerably denser than granite or marble, so they are much heavier and harder to handle. You need a professional to fabricate and install your quartz countertops to make sure it goes smoothly.

13. Engineered stone is not a new concept. It first came out into the market in the 1963 and was quite popular in Italy and some parts of Europe. However, it did not really hit its stride in the US until the late 90s, and it was only in the early 2000s that homeowners started to hear about it from interior designers.

14. The cost of quartz countertops is currently about the same as granite, and slightly lower than some types of marble. That did not use to be the case. Advances in technology have made the process more cost-effective today.

15. Quartz stone is non-porous, so it is generally safe for food preparation. Some brands of quartz countertops go a step further by including antibacterial or bacteriostatic agents in the mix to prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface.

16. Quartz countertops will not chip, crack, or break easily. However, if it does, it is usually easy enough to repair it. Before you do anything, however, check your warranty if the damage falls under the conditions of the warranty. Most companies give anywhere between 10 years to a lifetime limited warranty, although in some cases you have to be the original owner.


Quartz countertops is an excellent choice for your kitchen and bathroom, but you should not take anyone’s word for it. You should make a point to ask other homeowners about their experiences, and do a bit of research on your own. These interesting facts about quartz stones in general should help you get started on finding more about quartz countertops.

Whether you decide to go for engineered quartz or natural stone countertops, the important thing is having a reliable supplier and contractor to help you. That way, you can be sure the material you choose and the workmanship is top quality.

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