8 Popular Quartz Countertop Colors in Ashburn VA

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If you are considering some quartz countertops in Ashburn, VA, you need to spend some time researching all of the quartz color ideas in Ashburn, VA. Adding quartz kitchen countertops in Ashburn, VA makes your home so much more special.

Quartz is such a popular material because it closely resembles real stone, but it is easier to maintain in your kitchen. It is made from crushed rock and a resin that is antimicrobial and can protect your family from germs.

For this article our kitchen design experts will cover the most popular quartz countertops in Ashburn, VA and modern countertop ideas in Ashburn, VA. There are a whole range of quartz countertop colors in Ashburn, VA, and this guide will give you an expert’s opinion on the eight best.

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Aterra Blanca

This is one of the white quartz countertops in Ashburn, VA that seems to be in many homes. Aterra blanca has warmer hues that help balance out the sterile feeling of white to make your kitchen feel a little cozier. Aterra blanca is an all around classic quartz color that can fit in with most modern kitchen designs. This color can work well in an all white kitchen, but also lends itself to different colored kitchens where it can be a great background color to a main featured color.


Another white quartz, Arabetto comes with more drama from its charcoal colored veining. The veins of Arabetto have a feathered look that makes for a classical modern countertop you can enjoy with a contemporary kitchen look. The charcoal lines help this quartz color pair well with other black features in a kitchen. A wonderful combination is to use some black and white subway tiles as the backsplash with an arabetto countertop.

Vanilla Noir

Now we debut our first black quartz countertops of Ashburn, VA. Vanilla noir could be considered black light, because it has veins of white that give it its vanilla moniker. This countertop color is a great way to add some contrast to a white kitchen, but stay relevant with the lighter colored veining. This countertop color is not for the faint of heart, but those who pull it off can feel like they have done something unique in a world of white countertops.

Airy Concrete

For those who want something between the peaceful bliss of a white countertop and the dramatic flair of a black quartz, you can find solace in gray Airy Concrete. It has a soft and elegant look that brings a nice subtle beauty to any kitchen. Airy concrete is no light gray that could be mistaken for white, no, it is a true gray that you can show off to your friends and family. You can pair it with different colors to bring different moods to your kitchen depending even on the decorations that you choose. Airy Concrete is a truly energetic color for your quartz countertops and we are sure that you can find ways to make this hue amazing. You can do so much with gray, and sometimes it makes you wonder why more folks don’t choose this color for their countertops.

Bourbon Quartz

It's time to step outside the box a little and examine Bourbon Quartz. This quartz color has large graining with reddish and brown hues that make it a very interesting, and popular choice for quartz countertops.  The unique color patterns you get out of Bourbon Quartz make it work in a specific, relaxed kitchen atmosphere that could even be said to harken back to simpler times. This goes well with some more rustic looking knotty pine cabinets. Bourbon Quartz helps you pair accent pieces in your kitchen to make the whole space tie together and feel well planned out. You can add little touches of decoration that match the colors in the quartz, and you might even try working your cabinet hardware into the mix.

Calacatta Andromeda

This is a white quartz with prominent gray veining that lets your imagination run wild with dreams of waving and undulating lines. You can see something totally different each time that you look at Calacatta Andromeda and it makes for some wholesome entertainment. This quartz goes very well with a white kitchen where the bold gray veins add some intrigue to your kitchen. If you are worried about a white kitchen countertop feeling boring, Calacatta Andromeda could be the perfect choice for your kitchen.  This quartz color has been successfully employed in many modern and contemporary kitchens where the veins add something interesting, but are not busy nor distracting. This could be a wonderful addition to your kitchen that you will love.


Named for the rugged region in Alaska where salmon are plentiful, this quartz color has a steely graininess that is attractive in many kitchens. It is considered a gray quartz, but it easily can pass for blue if you pair it with other white elements.  Kenai is known for its large grains that take on interesting patterns throughout the slab. It has flecks of black as well that make the entire color a bit on the darker side of the light to dark spectrum. You also have to consider the sandy colored grains that can be brought out in a brown kitchen or even in a black kitchen. This color has a lot of options that can come out in different lights, so your planning will be critical to using this quartz properly.


This is a lighter colored quartz with a significant amount of dark veins that makes it a bit difficult to pin down. The veins are so prominent that they can easily take off the hugh of the countertop and make it a dark countertop in the right light or paired with darker decor. You can use Intermezzo in many ways that make your kitchen look especially beautiful. This type of quartz will certainly inspire you to be great in the kitchen and have a good time too. Call to get your free quote or check us on Facebook