Amazing Silestone Designs for Quartz Countertops

Silestone kitchen countertops

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Busy homeowners prefer engineered quartz countertops because they require practically no maintenance, and they are always available. These are some of the reasons that quartz countertops have recently outpaced granite countertops as the top choice for the kitchen and bathroom.

Quartz stone is an engineered or manmade stone, so they come in as many colors and designs as you can imagine. Originally, quartz stone manufacturers strove to mimic the look of natural stones, but have lately branched out to more fantastical varieties that look nothing nature will ever produce. Nevertheless, the most popular designs are still those that look like marble or granite.

One of the most recognizable brands of quartz stone is Silestone by Cosentino, and they regularly come out with new designs and colors.  Below are some of the most amazing Silestone designs for quartz countertops.


Silestone Arctic image

If you like granite, but prefer a more consistent look, you should look to Silestone Arctic of the Oceanic Series. It looks like white granite with pale shots of color, and does its best to look like natural granite. The fact that white granite is quite rare makes this an especially popular choice for homeowners.

The nice thing about Arctic quartz is its cheery and bright look. It works very well in darker kitchens, lightening the mood against a background of dark cabinets and floors. It is also a good choice for white bathrooms and kitchens, giving it some depth without clashing with the overall color scheme.


Silestone Calypso image

Part of the Silestone Nebula Alpha Series, the Calypso is sophisticated and elegant with its deep gray and soft shots of lighter color. It has a bit of the milky look of soapstone, but it is much more durable.

The Calypso comes in suede and polished finish, excellent for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. A suede finish is a good choice for homes with small children, because it hides fingerprints from grubby hands admirably until you get a chance to clean it up.


Silestone Halley image

Neutral and earth colors are a good choice for many kitchens because they give it a warm and homey look. If this is the look you are looking for, consider Silestone Halley with comes in subtle shades of brown with gray highlight. It looks very much like granite, but with a uniform look. You can choose this design if you want a sleek and seamless look to your kitchen countertops.


Silestone Helix image

The Silestone Helix is one of the best options for you if you want the look of marble without having to worry about its upkeep at all. The Helix looks remarkably like Carrara marble with its glowing white background and generous spattering of gray veins in large repeats.

It looks enough like it that you can mix it in with the real thing and very few people can tell the difference.  Use Silestone Helix for kitchen countertops and Carrara marble for everything else for best results.


Silestone Lyra image

Another amazing Carrara marble look alike is Silestone Lyra. The difference between Lyra and Helix is that the vein patterns are closer together in Lyra. 

This is a typical variation in Carrara marble, so the Lyra takes up the slack when it comes to individual preferences for repeats. If you want marble countertops with a somewhat busier look and without the possibility of scratching etching, Silestone Lyra is a good choice for you.


Silestone Pulsar image

Part of the Nebula Code series, the Silestone Pulsar has a pale cream color with irregular shots of yellow and gray in large repeats. This makes the stone look a lot less busy as well as avoiding a too-consistent look in the pattern. It looks like natural stone, yet is not, so it is a good choice for busy homeowners with an eye for natural elegance.


Silestone Zirix image

The Silestone Stonium series runs the gamut of the most popular granite stones, appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms alike. The Zirix design, in particular, has the classic look of beige and speckled brown granite with a few touches of blue here and there. It is a great choice for modern and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.


Silestone Zynite image

Another granite doppelganger, Silestone Zynite is brown with streaks of dark streaks and pale crystals. Under some lights, it seems almost golden, which makes it an elegant and beautiful design for luxury kitchens and bathrooms. The regular patterns make it easy to achieve a seamless look for longer countertops, so it is a good choice for modern designs.


Some people still have a problem with quartz countertops because they do not look natural, but these Silestone designs truly make a dent on that argument. If you are unsure of the one you should choose for your kitchen or bathroom, consult with Granite ASAP. We service the state of Virginia, including the cities of Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Chantilly, Herndon, Centreville, Tysons, and Washington DC.

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