Why You Should Choose Marble for Kitchen Countertops

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Despite the varied designs and patterns of synthetic stones, natural stone countertops still have its innate looks which lasts a lifetime. If you are marble fan, it is best to know the benefits and setbacks of the best marble countertops. Let us further discover why marble and stone is one of the best choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Stunning Aesthetics of Marble and Stone

The best marble countertops have bolder veinings and more consistent color transition than granite slabs. When you break one slab into two, none of the half pieces have similar patterns and designs.

Compared to synthetic stones, you get excellent warmth from the unique beauty of custom marble countertops. It also develops slight natural patina over time.

If you have a small kitchen and bathroom, we recommend white marble countertops. This is an excellent choice to achieve a chic and modern look, while creating an impression of wider and airy space. Moreover, it highly increases vibrancy and seamless appearance.

Excellent Tolerance To Heat

Unlike quartz, marble and stone are innately resistant to heat. However, to preserve its beauty and avoid breaking its sealant film, we recommend that you still use hot pads and chopping boards when working.

Beautiful Finish – Honed or Glossy

Kitchen and bathroom marble countertops have natural gloss which contributes to its pristine appearance. If you do not want those small scratches to be seen, better have the matte or honed finish. Meanwhile, a polished finish lowers the need of buffing the surface to achieve a mirror-like surface.

If you plan to have marble outdoor countertops, it is best to have a polished surface with proper sealing maintenance. This is needed to prevent moisture from seeping through its pores.

Easy to Remove Scratches

There are instances where scratches are made on your marble kitchen countertops. Need not to worry because removing those scratches is easy and this can be remedied by softly buffing its surface. In no time, your custom marble countertops are looking great again.

Naturally Soft and Porous

The mineral composition of marble and stone is naturally soft. You get to enjoy the timeless beauty of this natural stone with great care and maintenance.

It is also naturally porous so you need to perform proper and periodic sealing maintenance on your best marble countertops. This process enhances the anti-stain and antimicrobial properties of marble stone countertops.

Completely Increases Resale Value

Aside from quickly lifting the aesthetics of your kitchen and bathroom, installing custom marble countertops effectively increases the resale value of your home. It can approximately increase your home value between 80% to 100% of its overall cost.


Getting the best marble countertops is not just an icing on the cake because you have several features to consider. If you are having a hard time, it is best if you give us a call and talk to one of our stone specialists.

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